Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm enjoying a little bit warmer day here, we even had some sunshine this afternoon and Hubby and I took a walk with Mojo. This morning though I woke up feeling just yuck with joints behaving badly--especially my left hand which has been pretty painful lately and looks weird too. I am very grateful to my Mom-in Law who gifted me with a wonderful electric can opener for Christmas and a warm lined hooded sweatshirt. She also kindly thought of me on my birthday earlier this month and mailed me a pair of warm fuzzy slippers. My own Mom used to mail me slippers every year for my birthday. She passed away this fall and last year she wasn't able to send anything. Slippers were something she and I had agreed on years ago when I had told her not to spend too much on me as I was concerned for her budget. We agreed that she could send slippers. Well, it was neat getting them from my 'other Mom' this year, and I needed them. Its been too chilly and damp this fall/winter and it does pain me in some places.

Well it is a new year and so there ought to be resolutions. I have been thinking of changes I want to make in my life--but I wasn't really thinking of it so much to do with the holiday, just seems like a process I've been in that coincided with the new year. Funny how annual seasons often go with life seasons.

I still do not know if I will be working again at this time. I'm finding I am happy to be home. I would like to meet people in our area and I am planning to visit a little church I just found that is near our home, perhaps I'll meet some of my own neighbors there? Its not so easy to meet neighbors in the country--houses aren't very close to each other and if you walk out on the road you seldom see folks like you do on the sidewalk in the city.

The church is the 'other direction' I didn't notice it before because I usually head toward the biggest city near us whenever I leave our new place. This church is nearer than any I've seen, its just that its the other way. Who would have thought? I wonder if there are grocery stores that way too? I found their website and one of my most favorite verses was posted up on the homepage. I also found a recent sermon and have been listening to it so I could just get a feel for what sort of preaching they have. I haven't got through it all yet but it does seem to be in line with what I believe. I am picky about that. I have a firm mind on what I believe and to sit in a church that isn't preaching what I believe is true--well it goes against my grain too much. I guess I'll post next week what I think after my visit.

I'm starting garden seeds and stocking my pantry a bit more. Trying to decide what I should grow enough of to preserve and what I should just grow enough of for fresh eating. Most of the cool weather crops I'll plant now are not going to be canned. Its OK, we have two cool seasons each year so I'll just plant enough to eat and we'll get more in the fall. It is more the tomatoes in particular that I want to can.

Something I'm thinking about is that I want to find time to teach my daughter more about saving money and cooking. Now that she is not living with us I think is a good time to get her attention in that area. She wasn't so interested when she wasn't paying her own bills. She came over to do laundry the other day and 'borrowed' some spices to make stir fry like I make it.

Her wedding needs to be planned too and I think it would be nice if she and I worked together on the food and flowers. I know her sweetheart likes my cooking and the recipes I want to use for the wedding are things he enjoys, so why not let her learn how to make them? My Mom-in-Law also wants to help cook, I think she can help with the fresh food items, most of the menu we can make ahead and freeze or can and have 'at hand' by the time she can come visit.

I have made some resolutions because I think I am never too old to have new beginnings and learn new things and improve in areas where I'm not so good. I am thinking often lately about the verse I put up on the blog recently--about God's mercies being 'new every morning' and for me that's been good because I'm at a time in my life when things are changing and I get irritable and tired and my nerves get undone too much--so those 'new mornings' are what's getting me through right now. Its great to think that even at midlife (well really past that) we can still have new beginnings, new life, new 'mercies' from God.

Here's my resolutions:

1. Try that church out--and expect it to go well.
2. Learn more about assertiveness--in a Christian way--in order to not let myself get into some of the sort of personal pickles I sometimes get in with folks who are a tad pushy (or more) Also-- remember to think of folks 'good sides' and not just dwell on the stuff that bugs me sometimes.
3. Continue to get our new house in better order and aim to have it 'good enough' for guests before the wedding.
4. Continue to improve the garden and to make plans that are do-able and not overwhelming for me--its good for me to be out in the sun and working--but not to overwork.
5. Learn to respect my own limits without using them as excuses to be lazy--just to not overwork.
6. Find ways to be useful to folks in need in these difficult times---including those in my own family--even if I may not be able to give much money, there are other things I think that will open up for me.
7. Get in better health physically--which means taking some steps to improve my weight, my blood pressure and my joint health.

Well that's plenty to work on. I know I can't do all things at once. This that and the other thing will get done though if I aim that way and work at it, with prayer.

I think too, more of a spiritual focus in my life will also make it easier to attain some goals.

Well, I've gathered some goodies to send my Ruby for her first Birthday. I won't be able to get them there on time--but I don't think she will mind. I made her a little felted baby doll that is just the right size for her tiny hands. It has a little basket and a felt blanket. I also have a bunch of baby board books and some picture books and few new outfits in 12 month size. She could actually wear a 9 month. I was so amazed at what a little peanut she is when we saw her at Christmas! Still she walks and jabbers and says something that sounds exactly like "No, don't do that" which I think she has heard a few times. ~chuckle~ I think now that we've seen her again it will be harder to be so far away. We did give her Dad and Mom a little flip camcorder for Christmas, so I'm hoping to be getting some videos of Ruby soon. Nothing feels quite so good as making a toy for a grandbaby! I loved it!!


  1. Good resolutions, Mary! I hope you will like that church! Neat little doll for your little dolly!!! I have taken a test at and I turn out to have 100% of my beliefs to match Quakers! We have a Friends Church here, but about 40 minute drive...I always want to attend and see what it is like. Maybe this Sunday! I was Baptized in a Southern Baptist Church at age 18!!! Being a Quaker will be a new experience!

  2. Mary,

    Your resolutions sound very solid and heartfelt. I think I could apply your list to my life and make some very necessary improvements here, too. We also have a church down the road that I should attend - I would also like to meet people in my neighborhood. Transitioning to country life has it's drawbacks.

  3. I do love it here in the country--but boy I'd like to be able to get to someplace without driving a long ways. I did find that little church-actually there is one closer even--walkable but I think it isn't my cup of tea. I would not choose quaker Julie--but I do admire some of the history of that group--especially when it came to the slaves and helping them. I also enjoyed some of the writings of a woman who was raised Quaker-Hannah W. Smith. Some of what she taught I didn't agree with, but her view of trusting God I liked that.
    Today I have to 'run out' for some missing ingredients for dinner. I hate if I forget something and it is a long drive for it!