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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jazz Bear And Ruby's First Snow Man!

Its warm here, but my Grand-baby is out West where it has snowed. She has ventured out dressed in a rather large snow suit that Granny bought. I have a feeling she won't grow into this thing until summer and it will be way too small next winter. ~smile~ Poor dear!

She has a little snowman. So cute!

I'm working on a 'Jazz Bear' for Etsy, as well as doing tons of other little things.
Jazz Bear has his own saxaphone made of felted wool, which looks pretty good. It has a little wire armature to keep it together. The bear has just basic clothes right now, I want to spiff him up with a cool hat and add some details to his clothes so he looks like a Pokeberry Patch critter--maybe a vest or jacket and some patches? I think he should be part of a jazz trio--but I'm not sure if I'll sell him with a group or alone. I haven't heard from Etsy Customer Service yet so I don't know when I'll start listing things. I'd like Jazz Bear to be done and maybe have a cute name and a little bit of a story, and I'd like to be busy working on the next thing too, by the time I start stocking my store.

My seeds under light are coming along nicely. I tried some of my older seeds to see how many are still viable. Most have germinated but some may end up composted. I'm planning to plant some scallops outside this week, I just got them at the grocery store. I didn't want to wait to order them in the mail and they should get in the ground this month so we're running late here on those.

My 08 Rose of Sharon seedlings are getting huge fast! I do have a packet of those--not sure if I want to sell them or start them so I can have a little hedge of Rose of Sharon and sell the seeds from the plants still in the garden instead--the 09 seeds.

I've got a list of plants we want to put in Pokeberry this spring. We're going to start our little vineyard. We've decided to begin it with Muscadine and Catawba grapes. These will go along the top 1/2 of the hill side in front of the house. After our decking goes up we'll have some growing up the posts of it too. For a nut we are leaning toward filberts. They are a smaller tree and can make a hedgerow or be individual trees and we love the nuts. I opted for them because I think we can get a crop faster than with a bit tree--and I don't know if I want to tend a big tree, I'm not a spring chicken after all.

Speaking of chickens one of my books on chickens came last night, just a small booklet which I've read most of already. I am expecting a larger book soon. I'm thinking I may opt to just get a trio of young birds this spring rather than a big batch of chicks. We shall see. We haven't discussed all the details of this yet. Nothing can be done until Hubby makes a coop and he hasn't found a plan he likes yet. Meanwhile I am learning and planning.

I was to Aldi yesterday for some groceries. It is along the way to my daughter's apartment. I noticed about a 5% raise in quite a few prices. I will have to update my price book and see if I'm correct on that. I think overall though--Aldi is getting to be my best bet for saving money. I'm somewhat frustrated with Grocery Game right now. There's nothing wrong with it--just that the main store I wanted it for has gotten so busy! Any time there is a 'deal' it is off the shelves in 2 days. The GG list is coming out on Fridays now to try to address this problem, but I am finding that is already too late. I've started to just check the sale flyers on Wednesday and then go to Couponmom and check the coupon database to see if any of the coupons filed in my milk crate match sales--I can also go to Sunday Coupon Preview and see if a matching coupon will come in the next Sunday paper--before the sale ends. Using the online Grocery Lists at the store websites I am able to put together a decent list with deals and coupons by myself on Wednesday morning before the sales have been shopped out. Now to be fair I can get 'rainchecks' the only problem with that is-- rainchecks only cover sale prices they don't guarrantee that your coupon won't expire before you get the deal on your item you wanted. I know that Grocery Game does come up with MORE deals than I do when I do it myself--however it doesn't do me much good if the stores are shopped out before I can get that list. Harris Teeter has apparently attracted lots of coupon users in our areas with their good service and quality and all the coupon specials they run--doubling and tripling etc. Unfortunately GG is not fast enough to keep up. GG is also a service I have to pay for, its not much considering the potential savings--but right now the way this is going, its no longer worth it for me. :( I think our particular stores are just too busy when it comes to the coupon using shoppers. If I can get there on Wednesdays though I do stand a chance so I just need to find my own deals.

Well, the sun is warming up my windows on the south and I can hear some birdsong outside. Out the window in Pokeberry Garden it is warming up and the light has that golden morning quality. Birds are flying here and there, the feeders are busy. I see a spot of orange rump from around the side of one feeder--could a towhee be at the feeder? Can't tell as it won't come around. There are plenty of finches and titmice and doves here at the moment. The wood pecker has usedup the last of the suet--which I still haven't replaced! Need to do that...

Time to get busy on my to-do list for the day, including detailing my Jazz bear.

Have a Pokeberry Day!


  1. pOKE, POKE, pOKEBERRY dAY!!!!! Yeah!!! Can't wait to see your shop open!!!!!

  2. Hey Mary,
    Try this FREE (yeah) site:
    Has all of the local places - Ingles, Food Lion, Harris Teetler(?), Walgreens, Rite-aid, etc.

    It does the same thing as the Grocery Game, but doesn't cost a cent. My kind of site. I also found out that you can get the Sunday paper on Monday at my local Dollar Tree for a $1 - which is a $1 less than the paper sells for on Sunday. Plus, they keep the back issues until they're sold out. So if you miss a week, you can sometimes find it later in the month.