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Friday, January 22, 2010

Kinda Stumped.. Need a Name for my Etsy Store.. Ideas Anyone??

I'm at the point of setting up my Etsy store.

I haven't put anything in it yet, but I did haul down some boxes and look through them and it appears I have quite a few crafting books-more than half of which are on needlework--these I don't think I'll need and they are in good shape so I want to put them in my store. I'm keeping just a few very favorites for now. I also have a box full of fabric for embroidery, most of which I plan to sell-- some is so lovely--Irish Linens and other even weave fabric for people who do open work or white work or cut work, hardanger, cross stitch that sort of thing. I've had all this for several years and I guess I just really don't embroider much anymore. Its all in like new condition so I think I'll stock it in my store too. I will likely also sell some of my threads, probably the perle cotton. I think I'll hang onto my DMC floss and my gorgeous silk flosses. I just know that I'll use those someday.

Adding to that, I'll probably sell seeds from Pokeberry garden, most likely beginning with the Rose of Sharon that I got over the garden fence from an old neighbor. These plants are so versatile and pretty and they produce quite a great amount of seeds. I've recently started a cup of seeds from the 2008 growing season and they germinated very quickly so I know that year is sell-able. I can put them in little packets.

Of course I will also be selling hand-made items like my felted wool jug band critters that I made for Christmas, and most likely that will evolve into other crafts as I get going.

It appears my shop will be a bit eclectic, but all within my personal interests here on Pokeberry Hill.

I guess I'm open to suggestions and opinions on a name for the Etsy Store.

So far I've come up with Pokeberry Hill Market, Pokeberry Fair or Faire?, my Mom-in-Law thought up the name Pokeberry Patch. Anyone have any other ideas or are you partial to one of those?

I'm thinking I will hire one of the wonderful graphic artists on Etsy to design me a banner set--so I'll have a nice professional looking shop and some business cards and that sort of thing. I could design my own but it would take me months to figure it out and I'd have to use some sort of freeware as I do not have the right software to do this sort of thing on my computer. I'm thinking something with a cluster of pokeberries and a bird in it would be nice.

So those are my thoughts. This is what I've been working on today. Its overcast and chilly here and Hubby is home sick. I made some 'fresh' sea scallops with a lovely saffron rice pilaf for dinner last night. The scallops didn't have quite the right texture--I thought they were edible but I was very disappointed. I'm not sick, nor is #2 Son who ate them as well, but Hubby is in bed with stomach trouble and seems to think one of his scallops was bad. Well I don't know. I do think though for the price of them, 'fresh' in our part of the country is probably not better than frozen. I guess I will stick to the cheaper seafood after this. They were so delicious when I was down in Florida, and also on the coast here in South Carolina, but I guess they're only fair by the time they get hauled to the Piedmont. :(

Awww... It was supposed to be really special.

Well I hope someone has some ideas for me, otherwise I will keep scratching my head awhile. Something will work!


  1. My Mom is here and we both agree on Pokeberry Patch! Sounds more country and we love it!!!

  2. Hunh... well that one is my Mom in Law's idea, and when I asked my Daughter in law she picked it too.

    so that's 4 votes in a row..counting your Mum, looks like its winning!

    Meanwhile--Hubby is pushing me to design my own banner-- which I 'know' I should learn to do--but ugh! So we are working through the process using Gimp. He's on a business call now, so I'm having some tea and 'absorbing'. ;)

  3. I know someone who got botulism from "frozen" shrimp. His wife also ate from the same box but didn't get sick. I guess just 1 shrimp could cause it. Not sure. He was very ill.

    In regards to Vit. D the doctor told us 50,000 units would be necessary to boost his level. A smaller amount wouldn't work. Seems like a lot to me too.

    I also like Pokeberry Patch.

  4. Yikes botulism! Well I guess I did my best eh?

    Anyhow so that's 5 votes for Pokeberry Patch 0 against. I'm calling it. :)

    Besides we just designed a banner I'll be posting the new etsy shop address soon! Nothing in the shop yet--but it does have a cute banner.