Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mojo Frisbee

Mojo loves to play frisbee. German shepherds tend to be hard on real frisbees however so ever since our old dog Barney we've used big bucket lids for doggy discs.

In this photo Moj looks so hopeful, he doesn't tell you that I've already just spent a good half hour throwing the bucket lid for him. Mojo never wants to stop.

Well we finally came in and he is amusing himself by barking out the window at the woods. He's been doing this a lot the past few days which tells me something is probably lurking out there. The last time he behaved this way it was little lost George who I think was hanging around out there as long as a week before I discovered him. Most like this something is an animal.

I'm working on a new bear to put on Etsy if it turns out well--possibly another one bear jug band. I tried to do a monkey first but it didn't turn out well and I sidetracked into a sort of 'cozy/purse' which was pretty but its most likely going to be a gift. While I was looking for bear images I decided to find out if there are bears in our neck of the woods-- well surprise! Yup. There have been black bear sightings in our county and all the counties surrounding us--which means we aren't even 'fringe' we actually could have some bears. Well that makes me respect the woods even more, although I doubt there'd be one very close by. I will certainly re-double my 'don't leave food out' efforts. There is also a possibility of cougars here, although they've been sighted it hasn't bee proven. I'm pretty sure we have bobcats as I've heard what I think was one a few times.

Anyhow I am working on a brown bear, but I'm kind of glad my first Poke-beary was a black one that seems appropriate for Pokeberry Hill.

I think I may also sell some of my Rose of Sharon Seeds for a start--or at least put them up. I tested a batch and they germinated very quickly so that's a good sign and I do have a photo of them blooming--which helps. :)

I may also put up some old needlework or crafting books that I'm not using, most are in good shape, possibly some even weave fabric from my embroidery phase. I'm not so sure I will do much embroidery in the future. I just seem to like doing smaller projects. Short attention span I guess. Felted Wool Critters seem like a good craft for me at this time--they can encompass many different skills and media, they don't have to be 'just critters'. My jug bands for instance involved felting, a little bit of stitching, and also some paper mache. In any case it doesn't hurt to get some things put into an Etsy Shop and get a goin' on it. That could be my goal for the next week.

In the house I've been organizing in bits and pieces and cleaning up the yard and garden in increments as well. #2 & # Sons are working on finishing drywall. We're not professionals at this and it is Hubby's least favorite part of the house project. I've set a goal for them to have the first floor done by the time our next young house guest arrives middle of next week. Right now it isn't looking like they'll make the mark--but its always good to have a deadline I think. Even if you miss it at least you were aiming at something and hopefully progressed a bit.

Yesterday I had a little doctor visit. She told me to make sure I keep working on that Vitamin D level by getting out in the sunshine at least 15 minutes each afternoon without sun screen. Well-- I did yesterday. Today its raining again. I'm on a high dose of daily D RX and I'll get my level checked again in 2 weeks. We're hoping the D is part of what is causing my joint pain lately. Well.. to be honest I've been taking it about a month now and I'm not seeing that much difference. I also started a glucosamine chondroitin suplement couple weeks ago. I aim to take that for about 2 months and if it isn't helping I'll drop it. It is said to help 'some' folks with arthritis but you'll know if you are one of them in about 2 months.

Moj is sitting by the back door doing his little 'wuf' noise. He does that when he wants to ward off anything that might be out there--real or imagined. I've checked a few times and I think he may just be wuffing at the breeze in the trees. He's done that. Sometimes he barks at his reflection too if he is bored enough. Poor dear, he truly wants a non-stop frisbee buddy. Sometimes when Moj 'wufs' I wuf back, that gets him going and barking. Hubby frowns on it, probably cuz I like to do it most when he's home.

Well I'll be getting back to bear making now. Just thought I'd share Mojo's hopeful little smile with you.


  1. My husband is taking 50,000 units of Vit D for 12 weeks. He's taking only 1 a week. The doc said Kansas City's sunshine in the winter doesn't have enough ultra-violet rays to help with low Vit D levels.
    We're now wondering if this is why his sugar level is spiking. He's not doing anything differently and still taking his diabetes Rx like always. It's been over 300, then 200 then 120.
    We're going to talk to a dietitian for 2 classes in February. My mother always said "There's no advantage to getting old." I think she was right.
    One thing leads to another.

  2. 50,000? Wow-- that seems pretty high--could it be 5,000?
    I guess I don't know enough about it, but just seems high. It is hard to get sunshine here this year. We usually have blue sky all winter but this year its been gray and rainy most of the time for months. I don't know if that is connected to sugar but mine was also high a while back. Yup gettin' old does have some interesting challenges.

  3. I can't wait to see what ends up in your Etsy shop!!!!! YEE-HAW!

    Bears...yeah...I knew you had to have them if we have them in Florida even!!!

    It is 2am, and I am not sleepy...could it have anything to do with the 8 little Hershey Miniatures I ate a while ago???

    Miss your beautiful Florida sunrise at top of your blog, but it is so neat to see your well partitioned off garden area...very cool!!!

  4. I was dream~thinking about that last night. Back when I worked in the needlework shop in Fargo I had such an itch to do every kind of the beautiful embroideries I saw--I also was armed with a generous employee discount. Now I wonder if I even made $ at that job.LOL. Anyhow I have lots of goodies. Beautiful linen fabrics, threads. Books and booklets. And honestly I haven't embroidered much of anything for a while. The time of day I have for doing that my eyes are just too tired to count the little threads. However I can do some stitching still in other ways--so I think I will hang onto my silk & cotton flosses, but sell much of the rest--I think I can fill a little store. ;) That was a gorgeous sunrise wasn't it? I need to get one here too. Ours are usually quite pink with tall trees in front of them.