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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mojo the Mighty Hunter in my Winter Garden

Its still pretty chilly here but this morning is a little less chilly at 21 degrees. I was watching Mojo chasing and stalking out on Pokeberry Hill. He chases birds and squirrels and imagined things, it looks like a joyous morning activity for a fine young dog. I went out to the garden with my camera to try to capture some of his exuberant hunting but my presence caused him to change his behavior. When I am there he must be very close, it is one of his rules. He has quite a few.

This morning I was pausing to take a few still life snapshots of a birdhouse that I set on a bench last fall and forgot to clean up and re-hang. Mojo was right behind the bench digging in the leaves. He found my favorite little birdbath dish in the leaves.

I didn't do a very good job cleaning up the garden this year. Between all the constant rainy days which gave way to freezing cold, I just didn't make the transition in an orderly fashion. Before this bitter cold I still had some things growing nicely out there--There are half a dozen large pots of broccoli for one thing--but the broccoli that we haven't eaten has finally succumbed to the cold. I think it was when temps were down to 10 degrees that it decided to be done. Its OK. We had a good crop and it was time.

I have new seeds growing for a spring garden now, and I know it will warm up and I'll be out working in the garden and cleaning up my mess from fall in a month or so, when it is not so cold.

My most recent library job interview was yesterday morning. I really don't know if I did well or not. The questions just seemed awfully long to me--I wanted to read them off the paper and parse the sentences to get at the gist of it all, maybe re-translate them into shorter versions.

Maybe I have lost patience with interviewing? It well could be, I've had an awful lot of them and 'coming close' all the time I suppose eventually you just feel like 'that's enough.' I don't want to have a poor attitude, but I'm a little weary.

When it was all finished I had the strangest feeling of just not knowing what to think and not being sure I cared--I think I felt sort of like Sarah Palin wanting to tell Katie Curic 'I like books, I read them.' I chuckled to myself when I had that thought. The ladies who interviewed me couldn't have been nicer, but I think maybe its me--I'm just worn out with it. It happens.
I will know one way or another if I've gotten this job, in a day or two, maybe three. At this time I am thinking I am not very likely to try again. This branch was 'the one' in my mind, closest to where I live and would be a simple fit for me--most of the other ones would come with complications I might not find so easy to adjust to, also I am truly tired out with interviewing. Maybe its hormonal. ~smile~

What do I do if I don't do that? Well-- maybe I'll just garden and write and do the Etsy thing perhaps. Maybe take some computer classes? We shall see.

I think I've done what I could, its out of my hands now and that's all anyone really can do in a thing like this, there comes a time-- the door opens or you just stop knocking. I do believe though that there are Greater Hands than mine on my life--and there is some plan for me. I did pray before the interview, "Lord, You know best, Your will be done."

Good Nuf--and I do read books. ;)

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