Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Saturday, January 23, 2010

My First Mistake with My New Etsy Shop, Wrong Name...

(My Etsy Store for the Time being)

Yup... Already I need to erase things and start over. What happened?

Well, when I first shopped at Etsy, I didn't really have in mind what I wanted to do in the future. I was thinking I'd like to have a shop 'someday' but I wasn't really planning for it. I started by opening an account so I could buy a really cute little upcycled book journal for my daughter-in-law from an Etsy seller. I opened my account as PokeberryMary. That was a little over a month ago.

Now, I am ready to open a store. I've given it much more thought and even asked advice of family and of the folks who follow my blog about what to call my store. Hubby and I designed a cute little banner using Gimp a cool free online program that's much like Photo shop. I love the new name and the banner: Pokeberry Patch seems like a good name for a store that has all the sort of eclectic odds and ends I would be likely to stock it with.


If I go to Etsy and search for a seller named Pokeberry Patch there's no such store found. Why? Etsy thinks I'm PokeberryMary. Not even Pokeberry Mary works. Pokeberry works however. I am thinking if someone has a business card or wants to find my stuff they will type in Pokeberry Patch and not be able to find me.


Well of course the first thing that they tell you when you open an account is to be careful with choosing your name. (duh listen? me?) Because-- you can't change it.

In order to change the name what you have to do is close the account and start over and you can't do it on your own you must contact customer support to do it. Well, this morning I did that. I contacted customer support and they will have someone get back to me. Currently that is taking 3 to 4 days.

This means I can't really list anything, put anything in my store until I hear from them.

Its all good.. it does slow me down--but I wanted there to be a Grand Opening anyhow, and I want it to all be right when I do it. I have some things ready for selling and there are other things I can do while I am waiting. It is best to take care of this matter early because when you close a store you lose everything that was on it. I won't lose my cute new banner because I have it saved in a jpeg file on my computer, but I will lose my one solitary feedback from the seller I bought that journal from.

Better to lose that little bit of stuff than to do this all later and lose all kinds of data.

Meantime I am going to spend my time working my latest felted wool bear and hopefully he can be in my shop when I open. I'm also going to READ READ READ all the advice and tips and information I can find on Etsy and design myself a little avatar to match my banner and maybe a little business card. Since I'm learning Gimp, while I'm at it I may design something cute for this blog as well. I also want to go back in my blog and consider removing some old posts and de-junking it. But that may be too much.

All this playing around online has been good for me. I've learned so many things I would never have learned. Now I'm gimping! I'm so excited about that. I've wanted to learn to make things like banners forever but I didn't realize I could do it without buying pricey software. Yeah Gimp!!!


  1. I just downloaded Gimp last week. My daughter told me about it! Pretty cool.

    Glad you liked Pokeberry just sounds like you! All will be well in a few days!!! Yeah!!!

    Can't wait to see the store!

  2. I've had an older version of Gimp on my pc for probably a year--but I had not figured out how it worked. Hubby walked me through the first project and now I just need to keep doing a few so I will not forget how. It is definitely a very nice tool!And FREE! Can't beat that!