Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pokeberry Hill Morning in January

It is COLD out there this morning! 27 degrees--but the sky is blue and the sun is shining--almost rare these days we've had so much rain. When I woke I could see what looked close to a full moon in a pre-dawn sky, showing from between the tree tops. I had heard there'd be a blue moon for New Year's but we didn't have clear enough sky to see one.

I wanted to see what I could do with my new camera this morning--but its so cold! There were some woodpeckers and carolina wrens eating suet from the ends of my red feeder in the garden I thought they'd be a lovely photo if I could get it. Well, as soon as I stepped outside they scattered to the tree tops. I played around with the camera settings anyhow and took a picture of the valley below my garden and of the red feeder which had a little bird still on it, I think its a finch. The photos turned out pretty nice considering the distance. I'm a little bit disappointed I didn't get the wren or the woodpeckers, but no matter there's always the next time.

Mojo went out with me. He is like velcro! He has his little habits and sticks to them. He sleeps in our room on the floor and he doesn't like Hubby or I to get up alone. If one is up the whole pack should be up apparently. Hubby got up a little earlier than me today. We're both early risers and usually in bed equally early. Well, we now have to make sure Moj goes out of the bedroom if Hubby gets up before me. Otherwise he'll pester me til I get up too! This morning he sat outside my closed door waiting for me. Once I came out he went on downstairs and did all his usual morning things. He does get me laughing early in the morning and I guess that's a good thing.

This morning I had some time to listen to a sermon from the little church I plan to visit tomorrow. It was kind of long and I wasn't sure what the point of it was. I guess I'm not going to let myself be swayed by that just now--I will still go visit! There were only a couple sermons on the website so I'll have to just go see.

I did some online research looking for large garden pots. I found a seller online but the pots weren't quite what I wanted and were more expensive than I want them to be. Then I checked Craigslist and found someone selling 2ND hand pots very cheaply. This person has the extra large sizes I want and is only charging between 45 cents an a a buck and a half for very large pots.

I have been thinking and thinking about the garden. The ground is so awful!! Very hard for me to dig in, and most of what I have planted in it--even after amending the soil nicely has not done well. However--the broccoli I planted in the big recycled nursery pots I found out on the stoop did very well. These are big pots that held trees originally and I put 3 plants in each one. Each of the plants has produced big heads and afterward smaller heads. I put the exact same batch of plants in the ground in the garden and in raised beds and none of those have produced a large head yet, some have not had anything grow on them. Something tells me too, that with arthritis I might want to really give some consideration to container gardening. It has far less weeding and no digging. I still want to landscape our yard--but that can be done mostly with strategically planted shrubs and we already have plenty of trees. Perhaps berries, veggies, herbs and flowers could all be in pots? Why not? The only trouble with those is they will need to be watered --but our ground here doesn't hold water either so-- they may actually need watering less the ground. Hmmm... Hubby was saying he would build me some nice raised beds--but he has so much to do on this house! he works all the time it seems, why can't I just be satisfied for now with big black pots? No reason I can think of.

Well anyhow the old noggin is always busy isn't it?

I started seeds of calendula and snapdragons this morning. Its a little early to start most seeds but I am doing a little each day. I also have started some herbs and plan to start a batch of cool season vegetables and more herbs and flowers this month.

I'm just loving the activity in the garden this morning. Chilly mornings bring the most birds I think. The pink feeder needs some repair but is serving at the moment. I need to make a new seed holder for it. The old plexiglass has cracked on another one of the cells. It is holding for now, and attracting lots of finches, titmice and other small birds. The red feeder is near a couple of oak trees and has both sunflower and suet on it. It attracts the small birds too, but also the more skittish birds and the sort that love suet--wood peckers in particular as well as my favorite bird the Carolina wren.

Well Hubby is already working on the walls in his new office this morning. The texture looks nice and today we want to coat the walls with primer and then he can put up his woodwork and fill the room with his stuff. That will free up space in our room and make it easier for me to keep in order. He'll enjoy the private space too. I like to be out in the house--near the kitchen and windows when I spend time on my computer--he likes to be alone. He is an engineer and always working on projects, I'm more an artist/writer so I work on projects of a different sort.

In any case, we are both typically always doin' somethin'.

I wonder how Mojo will keep us together after Hubby has his own space? This may upset the balance of his little pack -oriented universe. ~smile~


  1. Hi Mary,
    Fun to have you visit. I wanted to let you know there is an herb that will help you. Email me and I'll share the info.

    Mom is going to be here soon so I've gotta scoot. Did you get my letter? Thank you again and again!

    Love you!

  2. Oops--I got the comment in my email and thought it was an email. Hi Georgene! I will email.
    Don't thank me though--All I did was return the favor. ;)