Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pokeberry To Go Etsy!

Well.. I did not get the job at the library I just interviewed at. I had been a little ambivalent and weighing pros and cons of every option that has come to mind for myself--and I was feeling strongly that this would be my last interview--at least for the time being. I think I may revisit it someday--but probably not. I think I am finally letting it go.

Of all the things I've thought about and pondered and looked at from both sides--Etsy seems to be the option for me that I am most attracted to right now. It has some challenges--I can't call them negatives really, just challenges. In order to truly have an online store that brings in a reasonable amount of money--you do have to work at building and promoting a little business. You don't just one day put your lovely handmade item up and sell it the next day for a week's pay. I think from what I've seen that many of the sellers on Etsy also sell at craft fairs and small shops.

The things that make Etsy attractive to me personally though are -first of all the cost of business there is much more attractive than Ebay. I believe it does seem to be a growing venue--which is good too. I have creative skills that I do think are marketable. I would be able to arrange my days to also make room for all the other things I enjoy doing--my gardening and scratch cooking. I would never have to ask if I could have time off when I want to go visit family or plan a wedding or just need a break. It would be far easier on my body than 8 hour shifts at the library. I do have issues with my joints that I know I can't ignore and 'pooh pooh' they do impact my lifestyle more than it would seem if you just looked at me. I mean I have to pace myself and I have to get exercise, fresh air and a good diet--but also do it in a way that won't add stress or overwork whichever joints are being persnickety.

I don't expect to make the amount of cash I could have made in a full time job at the library. I know that won't happen. However, I won't need much of a wardrobe, my car will last far longer, I'll use lots less gas. I can let my hair go longer between cut n colors, Mojo won't need a kennel or a second dog to keep him company on long days--that was something we'd been thinking would be needed I was away 40 hours--he'd need a friend--with all the expenses that a 2nd beasty would entail. All those things are significant. I know also I would do much less scratch cooking if I were working and probably a less careful job of shopping and we'd likely eat carry out more. Working at home I think I can continue all my current money saving activities while also hopefully adding something to pot as well--maybe not too much--but certainly something.

For me on a personal level--I love to create and I enjoyed many aspects of ebaying when I did that--I have customer service experience and sales experience and I take to that sort of thing well. I always have loved also organizing things. I will have to make sure I have some outlets outside my home--perhaps I'll see to it I go on some foraging trips with my 'little friend' who also likes to go to thrift stores and the like--she and I can shop for things I could sell on etsy or could use to create things to sell. There are plenty of ways to get personal contact with other human beings I do not have to have a full time job to do it. :)

Anyhow I took the 'no' quite well, in fact I think maybe it was what I wanted to hear.

Right now I'm going to do some organizing and thinking and start to experiment with ideas of things I can sell then get myself set up as an Etsy Store and start stocking my little Pokeberry Store. :)

I'm also continuing to sow some seeds for the spring garden. Hubby has purchased some jolokia pepper seeds. They are insanely hot--he's always got to try the hardest thing though--they need a great deal of nursing to grow. Which means I may finally be purchasing a little bottom heat pad or container for him--that I can also use to start some difficult shrub cuttings when he isn't nursing baby pepper plants--if he can get them to germinate.

Lots of things to do for me now and in the future and it feels good to let go of that last interview and not feel compelled to try again. :)

Also--gosh--praying for the folks in Haiti. They sure have had a tough life to live in that country even on a good day, but now--oh my! I was thinking how we complain here, and we really all ought to consider how much of a blessing it was for us to be born in a country like ours.


  1. Amen! We really should not be complaining about small irritations in our lives.

  2. Sorry about the job ...but maybe not, if you really weren't gonna be that much into it. I hope the bet for you Mary. I am home too now, but have my hands triple full. I can't even handle anything more than what I have now, sadly. I feel just aweful about the disaster in Haiti. Why does such a poor country have to deal with so many problems on top of that? I have many old friends from work who are from there. I pray their families are OK. It kills me to think of all who were hurt or killed. OH GOD!!!

  3. Mary - it sounds like things will work out better without the job and certainly will be better for your health, both mental and physical. Yes, the stimulation and compensation of a job can be good but so can the planting and growing, harvesting and sowing that you will be able to do. And yes, the tragedy in Haiti is hard to grasp and will most likely grow much worse. We are so fortunate to have the lives we do here...