Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Monday, January 11, 2010

Ten Degrees! Now that's Goin' a Wee Tad Too Far!

Yup its 10 degrees here in South Carolina. Frrrreeeezing. I wonder if my broccoli is holding on out there in the garden--I'm not planning to walk out and check. Thankfully it is not a cash crop and we've eaten the best of it already. I'm am up early. I have my job interview this morning and am debating which vehicle to take. Mine-which I will have to put a heater in before I can drive it--or Hubby's which looks like something you'd use to haul trash in-and in fact we do use it for that. ;)

I'm thinking I'm going to have to opt for warm and trashy. Maybe I'll get a 'pity point' at my interview when I come out of my beater wearing my full length down filled, tunnel hooded 'Fargo Coat'. At least its a pretty color.

My goodness, 10 is quite a bit colder than it got the first couple years we lived in the Carolinas. Its still an awful lot warmer (if you can say that) than 10, 20, 30 or more on the other side of the zero--like I remember this time of year up in Fargo. Yes it does make a difference too.

Well I'm tanking up on hot coffee and pondering working out a little gray before I shower--just a touch up on the roots. ;) Can't be looking too old I suppose for the job. I sort of toyed with my wardrobe while I was under the covers so I think I have an idea what to wear. Its a pretty blouse I haven't used in a while that I think will match a short sweater nicely. Hopefully all the components still fit.

I've prayed about the job. Part of me is strongly saying--this is it-- either get this one or quit trying now. Hubby however seems to think it is worth pursuing this line of work further. It sure would help our bottom line I guess and that seems to be what he is most concerned about. I'm thinking adding on more income--will we really feel it? Maybe all the taxes and prices rising in the next few years will make it seem as if we are still just treading water.

Actually--this job--if I get it will bring us back up to almost where we were fiver or six years ago before we went through our time of troubles, when Hubby's contract work dried up and we eventually moved to Fargo for work and then here. I guess it would be better though as sooner or later we won't have anymore young folks to support full time--one would hope. (no telling is there?) We also have a home that is paid for--though it is still taking much of our income to finish it. Eventually I would think it would be actually done.

We may end up having a decent retirement foundation after all, in spite of the economy and the huge blow we were dealt back then. Or perhaps something will happen to topple us again--who knows?

I guess I think, you do your best and the rest is really not up to you.

Well such a train of thought! I need to be thinking positive. I am positive about one thing--I need to go find a sweater! BRRRRY Good Morning in Pokeberry


  1. Good luck with the interview Mary. The library job always sounds like a good one to me.

  2. your line of thinking seems quite rational to me mary after my recent life changes! Good luck with the interview!!! I will be praying God will have things go as they should (which is really what happens anyway, I think)!!!
    xoxo- Julie