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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Warbler Morning in Pokeberry

Perhaps he is the bird I heard sing by my window as I napped the other day? A little yellow warbler was at the red feeder this morning. I was out with my camera trying to focus on the feeder but I accidentally pushed a button and it went into a mode I haven't figured out yet--so I think I ended up with a sort of fuzzy film maybe? Dunno--whatever it is I'm sure I'll have to delete it.

Mojo followed me out into the chill with his giant bone. He has a large knuckle bone he's been carrying about and dropping on the floor at strange moments-- makes a great noise--quite startling. Well I just came in and he had forgotten the bone someplace in the garden so he begged to be let out again. Fine with me. Moj is a major pest in the early morning. He has all his puppy energy way before my coffee powers up my middle age woman energy.

Anyhow I don't know what sort of little warbler I have, only that he has a great deal of yellow on him, enough so that at a distance I can tell he couldn't be a gold finch at this time of year when they are mostly pale and gray. I don't expect to see much but a warbler in our area right now that would be mainly yellow. I think he must be species number 32 in Pokeberry. Very exciting! I love to add a bird to my little list. I'd like to call him by a more specific name, but for today unknown warbler will do.

Hubby is out in 'Vegas Baby Vegas' for the big electronic show. He's looking for a vendor for some part he needs manuctured. I'm holding down the fort for the weekend with Mojo and our 2 grown sons. Mojo has been attempting to pull rank on me, but he's not winning. This morning he tried to get in my bed--which is a strict no-no for giant shedding dogs of his type. I do allow him a little rug on the floor but that's as close to my bed as he's getting with his hairy beast self. He also tried to herd me up the stairs at bedtime last night-- after all the leader of the pack does decide on those things. I made a point of staying up a bit longer so he could have the privilege of following me. I know this pup. He is the most alpha pup we've ever had. He has been trying to be the 'boss of me' since he was just a little bitty fellow, and his desire has not flagged as he has gotten bigger. He never gives Hubby any trouble of course but many is the time I've been out for a walk with him and come home with my hand sore from having to hold the leash so firm.

The alpha pup will play all sorts of games to get his way, he sometimes puts his paw over my foot or knee--my reaction is to want to pet him--but I have to wait and make him sit first--otherwise I've just capitulated a bit to his superior paw! He's a sneaky one. Sometimes I'll make sure to put my foot over his paw--as a show of my alpha Mom-ness--he acts as if he's been wounded. I'm not stepping hard, on his paw, just his little puppy pride.

We do have fun, but I don't mind his time spent outside without me. If I go back to work full time we have discussed getting Mojo a new Buddy dog and a kennel of some sort so on days when both Hubby and I are gone all day on the same shift the 'boys' can play outside until we come home. They'll have a nice shady shelter and plenty of water and food and toys and I'll be able to work without thinking of what might be happening to my house in my absence. I really think Moj is the kennel dog type--he sheds buckets and is awful large and busy for a house puppy, I don't mind him sleeping in the house though.

Well my interview for the library job is bright and early Monday morning, 8 am! I will get to see what traffic is like at that time--I don't expect too much trouble from it. The drive is about half an hour which is about the same as my drive to my old branch before we moved. It was fine. You start adding to that and it would get long, I enjoyed the half hour drive usually it was a nice transition time for me.

All the shopping I could want to do is near that branch or directly on the way--so that would be good too. There is also a YMCA en route and I think if I did get the job I would consider getting a membership and taking some water exercise classes around my work schedule so I could work my joints in a nice weight free pool. Its easy to see how it could work beautifully for me, and I have worked at this branch a few times so I know it is one I felt positive about. Another very nice little side perk is that Hubby works only a few minutes away from this particular branch--perhaps on occasion we could 'do lunch' and if there were every car trouble we could likely work a little car pool out. He can sometimes be quite flexible in his starting times--so that is a do-able thing.

I've begun a new felted wool critter project. I don't know how its going to turn out, at the moment its not looking the way I want. It is a little monkey holding a kitten close. I saw it in a photograph and the expression in the eyes just reminded me so much of my little sister back when we were children. A monkey is perfect for her! She always had some sort of mischief up her sleeve, but she knew just how to strike an endearing pose and she also was fiercely affectionate to her dollies.

I want to make it for her and send it to her--perhaps for her 50th B-day, maybe sooner. The B-day isn't until April. Of course it has to turn out as well as I envisioned it--if not--well I'll have this little thing my friend says looks kind of like Chewbacca from Star Wars! Maybe Ruby would like it? Chewbacca probably wouldn't look very cute in the little 60's era blue dress I was planning for it. Let's just hope it improves as I work on it.

I guess we're warming up--its 21 this morning. I took Mojo for a walk in my big down filled 'Fargo Coat' yesterday, I'll do it again today. We both need the walk. That coat is so big and warm it managed well when I lived where the wind chill could be 60 or more below zero. I recall trying to get back in my car in high wind back after gassing up on my way to work. The coat has a wind tunnel sort of hood and I was so grateful cuz man it was cold there and that wind whipping through the plains is violently strong. When they say they have a wind chill in the plain states they are not kidding! It may be cold here for South Carolina right now--but this is decidedly NOT North Dakota cold.

Time to let Mojo in yet again!

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