Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weather Worse Than I Thought.. A Little Emergency Prepping..

Well I posted earlier this morning and at the time the only thing I was concerned about was being out of Diet Coke.

Now I'm a bit more alert to possible problems.

I've started to fill up some of those 6 gallon buckets I've been keeping for the garden. I'm filling them with water--just in case our electric should go out or our well pump freeze. We did put more insulation on the well pump last time it went out and I guess since its in a little shed thing-y it is not too likely to freeze. Most of the electric near us is underground except some high tension wires that are the main source. If the icy rain continues long enough--my worst fear is build up on wires. I'm not sure though if those big ones are likely to freeze or not. In any case it doesn't hurt to take some time and get candles and lights handy and extra water.

Eventually I'd like to have a source for water and heat here that doesn't depend on electricity. I don't think this weather event will lead to an emergency this time--but there's always that 'one time' when something happens and you truly are stuck.

I knew folks who lived about as far out as we do back in North Dakota and they once went 6 weeks without electric after a major ice storm--and that is in a place where they are very accustomed to floods and ice. Rural areas are not the first to get the lights back on--duh.

Well there are just dozens of birds at the feeders today. Whenever it is especially cold Pokeberry Hill is quite popular with the feathered crowd. They need extra calories and I stock sunflower seeds. We're buds.

Happy Icy Day!


  1. So sorry to hear about your storm...but a nice cozy day at home is wonderful!!! You always have the food stuff taken care of anyway! I put a small bef roast in the crock pot with dry rub only and cooked it turned out well. Then we just had to make vegies to go with it. Nice.
    I will go see if you got Etsy up yet (I forgot to look before I posted)!!! Have a good and hopefully warmer week ahead!

  2. Nope I didn't.. but I have given myself a talking to. 'We' agree that I should set a small goal until I get myself in the swing of things. So I am aiming to get the shop up and running and do 2 listings today. Very small I know.. but yesterday I was a bit off kilter and didn't do my job with Etsy... bad Me.

  3. Here in north Ga, you can still find "pitcher pumps" that will go on top of the well bore hole and will still work. Try Ace Hardware or even Lehman's (online) - they cater to the Amish community and have a lot of the "old fashioned" items. Also ask around - maybe on free cycle. Someone may have a old one that they aren't using and would be willing to give you. Try Craigslist too - but you'll have to pay for that one.

    We had the same storm, only got it a bit earlier than you did. We had about 2 1/2" of snow before the rain hit. It melted the snow where I live, though a little ways from here (and even higher up in the mountains), friends still have snow on the ground. It never did ice or send us freezing rain Sat. Today is a bright sunny sky.