Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Monday, February 8, 2010

Etsy Schmetsy! Opening My Shop, A Work Still in Progress

Well, although I did Ebay some years back and got used to how to do that, Etsy is not quite the same. There's more to learn than I had realized and it is taking me longer than I expected. Its fine.. I'm just not getting there as fast as I thought I would--but I will get there.

Right now I am boning up on postal rates and deciding how to set up shipping rate options for my shop. I'm also learning more about the photo aspect--how to size my photos and how to get better lighting and more professional looking pictures. It does matter I think. It is not my strong point and its all things I had wanted to learn anyhow, so if I take my time and absorb into my not so young brain slowly I think it will 'take' and be useful information.

I'm also working on a felted wool fox. I think I'd like him to have a jazz instrument as did Jasper the Jazz Bear who plays saxophone. It is easier to come up with new ideas for critters than it is to actually craft them. I 'see' the shapes of critters all over the place.

That's a funny thing actually, it has a long history for me. I can recall back when I was a little girl looking at the patterns in clouds or floor tiles or carpeting even and 'seeing' things. I could see the faces or bodies of imaginary creatures almost anyplace. Now I often see critters in the shadows of the pine or cedar trees outside, in the swipes of joint compound that my sons have covered dry wall screws with, in the swirls of our bathroom tile. Ideas come to me very easily they always have. Getting the work done is different.

Actually making a project means deciding first of all which idea to use. Then it requires the discipline of working on it and not straying off to another in the middle. It means I need to sometimes start over when it isn't looking the way I want it to. Today I just took my scissors and completely removed my fox's eyes and nose. Poor dear! Well no matter, he'll have new ones and they will look the way I want them to.

I have to admit of all those critters I made for Christmas this year--the jug band animals--only a few really made me feel happy. I liked my fox and my bear best I think--which is probably why I'm beginning now with a new bear and fox. I really disliked the way the pig worked out. His face didn't appeal to me much and his suit was not at all what I wanted. I felt pressed for time and its funny--when you are creating things you usually will find that other people like your work better than you do! Most of the family liked the flapper chicken best. Hubby liked the goat. I seem to always see things the way I want them in my mind and then they don't quite always work out that way--so I improvise and edit until I feel I can't do better or I like them as is.

One thing I like much more about trying this venture now is that I don't have to rely on my income as much as I did back when I last tried this with ebay. At that time Hubby was not providing enough for us on a regular basis and I HAD to make my art sell as quickly as possible. Thus I found a niche that I knew would sell and I produced as fast as I could. I painted yorkie dogs. Yorkies were sort of the rage then with quite a few women who would buy just about anything someone put a yorkie on. While I liked some of my work then--most of it I felt was a little silly. It was a matter of food on the table though--so that's how it was. Eventually I came to the point where I started to look for a real job instead and was hired full time in artist's supply store. I didn't sell anymore on ebay after that because I was too pooped to do much that was artsy after spending all day on my feet selling supplies to other people.

Anyhow-- I am blogging when I should be working on my fox or my photos. For shame, for shame.

I'll have to write again when there's more to report. Right now I have a faceless fox staring at me and I don't think its pleased.


  1. hi mary...i am writing this at 11:50pm on wed. night. it has been 2 days since your last post which has me mildly alarmed! i pray everything is ok.

  2. Hi Julie--kind of you to worry for me. ;) Hi Julie--
    I was off on errands all day yesterday beginning with a very early appointment. When I got home, had a bit of a fever- I've had a lingering sore throat the past several days, so just didn't have time or inspiration for writin. I'm fine. :)