Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Fairy Waits for Spring...

One of my favorite story poems that I used to read my little girl when she was about 4 was 'A Fairy Went a Marketing' Someone has set it to music and its on You Tube, so I've linked to it. Anyhow, my little girl-- now a woman--reminded me of that fairy some, and I've got a few little bitty fairies in the garden here and there. One is by a patch of Sweet Williams which were her favorite flower when she was very small. The one in the photo above is sitting waiting for spring, she is in a large pot that held lots of pretty flowers and vines last year and she is sure it will again soon.

It was so nice back then, life was all fairies, and kittens and puppies and birdies and babes.. hmmm.. actually why can't it always be that way? Perhaps in some ways it is.

Speaking of kitties, There is a small tabby cat that has been napping under the shed, just as George the lost dog did before Daughter adopted him.

What to do? Mojo goes out and barks at kitty for a while each morning, it doesn't make much effect and Mojo tires of it and comes in, and generally at some point in the morning kitty disappears someplace only to reappear again the next day for another nap. I will not feed this kitty, I've made my mind up to that. I think it will probably not leave us and surprise kittens as Mojo has made it plain he won't be a good neighbor to them. Its nice to see a kitty for a moment, but we won't encourage it to visit often.

The birds continue on at the feeders seemingly un-bothered though there is sometimes a cat beneath the shed and the occasional hawk swoops in attempting to catch one of them.

Yesterday six gorgeous bluebirds visited us for about an hour. The smaller birds mainly stayed in the tree tops while the doves, as large as they are, didn't seem to care. The bluebirds feasted on fallen seeds beneath the red feeder and made the garden more beautiful. I stopped and watched from my seat here with my binoculars and just enjoyed it. Who could resist such a scene?

Well aside from the birds, there is more going on in the garden and in the house. I now have one of my cold frames full of cool season plants; veggies, herbs and some flowers. Today I will clean out the other one and soon it will also be filled. The light stand has room on it now for at least 4 new tubs of seedlings. I want to start planting the warm season crops. I'm growing tomatoes in particular and peppers, but also lots of other things including some gourds to use for crafting.

I've got a few different types of big gourd seeds. One year for Christmas I made some special birdhouse gourd Santa's and a pair of Tomten figures, a matching girl and boy. Tomten are a sort of Scandinavian elf like person that wears a little red hat and have a Christmas legend. My Norwegian in laws loved the gourd Santa's and tomtens and often tell me I should make more and try to sell them.

Well, we are in a good climate for growing gourds and I will see if I can do it. They must grow and ripen and then be left outside to become hard and moldy and 'yucky' and then be brought in and cleaned well before decorating. I've done the cleaning process before--I soaked mine in the tub with wet towels over them so they be damp--they float--so you can't wet them all over without the towel. I then scrubbed them hard for a while until they were clean enough to decorate. At that time I chose to decorate with a wood burner and oil pencils and to coat them with polyurethane. They came out beautifully. I purchased those gourds at Renfrow's Hardware, they were a bit pricey, but then it takes a long time to ready them for sale. It would be nice to see if I can grow my own instead. So, like many things, it all begins with a seed, and hard work, and could result in gourds to decorate--we shall see..

I am still working on Etsy--or at least thinking of it. I think Hubby will help me with the photo problem I've had today, he's been busy on some other projects but I think he is ready for that. Actually I haven't really 'asked him' to help, it could have been done sooner, I was not ready. I was delayed a bit by family events, and other things, but the idea is still appealing. I've also got about 1/3 of my house painted now on the inside--which is pretty cool. The house looks so much more like a home now.

I still can't think of much I'd rather do though, than keep house, garden, make some things and write--maybe I won't make much money at all, but maybe 'just homemaking' is still a worthy life? Why not? I'm sure I'll be busy enough and who else really does the things I do? Nobody. The things are do are needful--so I guess--its the way it is. I am simply 'that Pokeberry Woman' I guess. If its OK with Hubby and Me, then that is all that matters.

Well, here's a mug of coffee lifted to Spring--may it come soon and last long, and may much be done by the time it is gone. A garden begun, perhaps some decks up and some siding, a driveway defined better, a daughter wed... Good Heavens! Maybe Winter is easier?

Still.. I know this will be a good spring!


  1. say perhaps you are "That Pokeberry Woman", but I laughed because when I am telling my Mom of your adventures, I preface the story with "Mary, the lady who built a house on the side of the mountain"!!! LOL! So around here, that is who you are!!!

    P.S. Love your fairy!!! I just watched the Disney movie called "Tinkerbelle, and The Lost Treasure" was fantastic! I highly recommend it for youngsters! My grandkids loves Tinkerbelle!!!!! Me too!!!

  2. Spring is popping up here too. We have a third flower, I'll have to identify it, coming up now. The puppy has discovered a way into the chicken run. Things are good.

  3. Russel--who would not smile at the thought of a puppy chasing chickens?

    Julie--its not quite a mountain--we're in the Piedmont beyond that--sort of hilly. But it does look like that in a way cuz it's so big sitting up here. ;)

    I agree, things are good. :-)