Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feelin' Better and Chomping at the Bit for a Warmer Weekend!

Well I was just outside cleaning up one of my cold frames to make room for some seedlings I hope to put out there tomorrow. We're warming up finally. It doesn't have to be uber warm for these plants, I might even have been able to put some of them out sooner but its been so crazy cold here I didn't want to chance it. Right now in the garden I still have some lettuces from fall and some herbs. The parsley has continued to grow, the chives are beginning to green up and the bigger sedums are poking out new nubblies.

Mojo and I enjoyed a bit of frisbee throwing and I fussed at some of my gardeny stuff and then came in. I am cleaning some more of those dirty old mayo jars and I have some leftover chicken to pick at today. I think I'll use it for dinner with some pilaf and make a batch of stock and some cookies--but gosh-- well-- first a nap.

My throat is much better, but I've still got a sinus infection--just not as bad now. I still need that little extra rest.

I made a new file on my pc this morning, its a list of article ideas to prompt me for writing in a more formal way--try to maybe sell a little of my writing to magazines. Actually that might be a better idea for me than etsy--though that is still on the burner--just not cranked up to high today--its simmering.

The main reason I began to blog in the first place was to improve my writing--I always had the idea in the back of my head that someday I would be paid to write. We shall see...

I want so much to work outside this weekend! All the stuff there is to do... oh my!

Oh I got new tires for my car a week or two ago. 2 rear ones. Hubby usually does that and he never will keep the old tires for me. We've argued about it. Well this time I took it--and I kept the old tires! Saved the $3 recycle fee and got myself a couple of planters.

YUP--they're goin' in the garden. They might not be the kind you can turn inside out--I'm not sure. I'll paint them pretty and put plants in them anyhow. Julie over at A Succulent Life has tires and hers aren't inside out or painted, but they're pretty with the colored rocks and succulents in them.

Hubby thinks I'm nuts--but sheesh! He's hanging onto a huge pile of old concrete blocks-- now THAT is ugly. He says they're useful--well so are my old tires.

I'm thinking I may move some of my strawberry plants into tires.. or should I make them a home for succulents or flowers like Julie did... hmmmm..

Well anyhoo, its nappy time. There's some nice warm sunshine hitting the recliner and its calling my name.


  1. Yeah!!! You will just love your tires! If you can find a way top cut the top edge off it would give you more planting room...but so far it has been a problem for me...they are HARD to cut through!!! I saw a contraption online that one shop has somewhere in the U.S. that can do that kind of cutting...but no idea where or how much it would cost.

    Have fun with them!!! Oh...and BTW...glad you are feeling better! I have come down with a cold and bit of using Airborne every 3 hours and eating tangerines, and using my darn inhalers! Crud!

  2. would be proud of me tonight! My husband roasted a chicken and some vegies and I picked the rest of the bird dry and made a pot of chicken soup with added chopped spinach, a whole onion, garlic, seasonings, and potato, etc. It smells devine...ready to be re-heated tomorrow for lunch! Maybe it will help with this darn cold!

  3. Chicken soup is A #1 with colds. I've heard it actually does help you get well--but besides that you just feel so 'cared for' when you eat it--especially if its the 'real thing' with the homemade broth in it. Feel better!