Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No Talky, Sore Throaty..

Well I saw the doctor today. Looks like I've got a sinus infection and double ear infection. My throat is also terribly sore, so I have sinus med, antibiotic and lidocaine to numb my throat. Fun fun fun!

I'm sitting here right now because I'm such poor company. I was surfing around a little bit and Hubby wanted to know if I'd like to work on my etsy photos right now. I think he feels sorry for me and wants to help me. I'm just not in the mood. :( Bummy me.

On the bright side Daughter had a doctor appointment today too and is doing fine. Baby is the size of something?? is it a kidney bean now or a kumquat? (what is a kuquat anyhow?--some sort of fruit I guess)She's working her full schedule and seems Ok, she doesn't seem to be having too hard a time with morning sickness but she takes naps and looks a bit tired. Wedding will be in May and outside--I think. Since its so far still I planted some springing blooming annual flowers in hopes that some might be in bloom to pick for her wedding. I'm mainly looking for white, yellow, orange and green blooms and of course green leaves. Its not certain I'll have blooms but if not we'll just buy flowers for the wedding and we'll have a prettier garden. Win/win.

We've been doing lots of texturizing and painting in the house and I wonder if that is what got me sick. Its been too yucky to get outside much. We should be in the 50s the end of this week though and then I'll plant my peas. Peas will germinate in 40 degree soil--so they can go soon. Spinach as well.

I'm looking at food dehydrators. I want to get one before we start harvesting anything. I do want to can and do some minimal freezing but I think there are lots of recipes in which I could easily use dehydrated fruits or veggies--and its so easy to do that. I used to have one but sold it on Craigs list--dumb me. However--maybe not so dumb-- cuz they have improved them so much that I think when I finally get mine it will be a better one than I had before.

Not a whole lot more to say today, I guess the sinus meds are kind of making me sluggish. So no talky now, or writey I guess. ;)


  1. Oh goodness, Mary! You are sick as a dog!!! Thank God for doctors and antibiotics!!! Take care of yourself...and stay inside and rest till you are feeling better, at least! Planting those peas will wait a bit longer!!! Feel better soon!

  2. Thanks Julie.. well I did get a lot caught up here today in spite of taking naps here and there. The peas may go in soon--its 41 today. I'm going to experiment and see if I can find a thermometer around here that will read the soil temp. I'm wondering.... maybe my candy thermometer went that low..hmm...