Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Planting, Pork Sausage and Painting Progress

Above is a photo of my light stand which now has 145 nicely growing seedlings on it. I've got more seeds to plant yet, and one light shelf isn't being used yet! Some of the cool season veggies, herbs and perennials will go out to the cold frame in the next week or so. I'd do it today but I have an awful sore throat and fever and we did get several inches of snow last night--so I think I'm just staying in today. I 'might' start more plants today..dunno.

I've got 2 big pork butts in the fridge that need to be ground up and mixed with sausage spices so they can set overnight before being made into sausage patties or bulk mix and then frozen. I still don't have any casings but no matter, we'll just freeze it in small bulk packages or patties. I may freeze some plain ground pork as well.

The thing I am most excited about is painting the walls in our house finally! This morning I came downstairs and was greeted with a lovely warm view of my newly painted living room. Not-so-Plump-Ernie and I painted the living room yesterday. We didn't get the dining room done because I didn't feel well and it was snowing so I really wanted him to get on home with Daughter before the roads got too bad. He will come back when he has a free afternoon and we'll finish the dining room. I did the trimming and he did the rolling. The color is Florentine Clay and I love it!

Another pretty fresh painted spot is my pantry wall by the kitchen. I painted it earlier this week. The wall is Moontide Green and I painted the shelves Sun hat yellow. Very pretty! I've been working on getting my root cellar pantry down off the basement in better order too, no pics of that yet, but it is coming along nicely. I just have to keep reminding my family that just because there is some floor space in there does not mean they can fill it up. Its MY rootcellar.... mine, mine, mine.
I've been cleaning out the old jars the former owner left us, there turned out to be dozens. I wash them and put them upside down in clean fresh cardboard grocery store trays that I've been picking up at Aldi or Sam's Club. Then I wrap the trays and jars with a couple of recycled plastic grocery bags. This way they'll stay nice in the dusty root cellar. I didn't find any spiders in jars but I did find some little crickets--and they were alive! I let them outside.

Lowes has got that awesome rebate thing going on the Valspar paint and I made out great this week. I got all the paint for our ceilings and the living room and dining room and hallways and laundry room. I'll get money back on all of it. The biggest deal though was 2 gallons of a paint that matches my son's comforter very nicely. These were 'mistake' gallons so they had been marked down to $5 each. Well my gosh-- I couldn't believe it--the cash register printed out rebate forms for those too! I'm getting them free. I also picked up several very nice quarts of pretty fresh colors that I will use for various things that were mis-tints. I used one already to paint one of my plant pots.

I have 8 or 9 pretty fiberglass pots that I got once at Walmart. They were throwing them away because the geraniums that they used to have in them were dead. They gave me those pots free. last night I painted one yellow with mistint paint and it looks brand new. Its in the living room photo holding the mother-in-law's tongue plant.

Oh my! I'm looking out my window at the moment. I may need to get more photos. The morning is beginning to break and I am starting to see the woods and garden with all the snow. We've never had this much snow in the Carolinas since I moved here. It is truly lovely. I think it will melt mostly this afternoon, but I heard we would get more Monday. We shall see..

I guess I do need to venture out for one thing--I must fill my bird feeders and suet cages, the little feathery folk will be needing those cold weather calories won't they?

The snow in the pines and over the garden is truly lovely. We won't see anything like this again for a while most likely.


  1. Mary,
    Your paint work looks so nice. Sorry that you are feeling under the weather. Sounds like you have a lot of snow! Thanks for the photo of your seed starting area - I think we can do that here now that here after seeing how you did yours. Feel better, Mary.

  2. If you can afford it-- the wider light fixtures are better. I didn't worry about it because that window they are parked in front of is a southern exposure and amplifies the light the seedlings get tremendously. I also have cold frames outside that I made from concrete block and old shower doors. Junk inherited from the guy before us. (gosh he sure was generous!) anyhow-- I could have started lots more outside but decided to jump start them in the house and then move them out when it isn't quite so chilly. So they'll get ready quicker. :)

  3. Hi Mary! Sorry you are feeling bad. YUCK! Hope tomorrow will be better. Have you got the chicken soup going??? Oh., that reminds me to tell you something about chicken and dumplings! Do you ever make these???

    I LOVE your living room color!!! Awesome!!! WOWZERS!!!

    I always use frozen dumplings by Mrs. Traylors, from the freezer section at grocery store, when I make chicken and dumplings...but my SIL told me she uses flour tortillas cut into 1 inch x 2 inch peices and adds them about 30 minutes before eating. I can't wait to try it. She swears by it and it is cheap and easy!!!

    Anyway...please feel better soon!!!