Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Pretty Morning, but on the Chilly Side.. Waiting for Spring

I've been enjoying watching the birds outside as I have my breakfast and coffee. Catching my eye in particular a pair of Carolina Wrens that are inspecting the compost bins. The male has been using one of them as a 'post' for a while. He sits there and surveys the land. It appears a female has come now to join him for spring. She has been hunting for bugs beneath the leaves nearby. It is the nesting time of year. Right now a blue bird is sitting atop a shepherd's hook reminding me that I have not yet mounted my nice blue bird house-which has never hosted blue birds by the way. On my list for the past several days has been 'clean out the bird houses', I've still not gotten around to it.

Earlier I saw a black headed bird a ways down the hill gathering dry grass and going in and out of a brush pile near the woods. I think it may have been a rufous towhee but I didn't see it that well. The feeders are near empty again as well, and it appears to be time to cook up more suet--I have enough to fill the feeders today but I think that is all.

A very pretty woodpecker has been searching for suet or bugs, he did a bit of tapping on one of the wood frames for a raised bed, I don't think there are bugs in that--it is pressurized wood. Two titmice are chasing each other through the trees I think it must be two males likely courting the same female.

I've started to drag some of my seedlings out to the cold frames now. They sit in those during the day and I bring them home to the light stand at night. I want to leave them out but I am not sure what the temperature drops to inside those frames, I keep thinking I should invest in a new max/min thermoter. Its a thermometer that tells you what the maximum and minimum temperatures have been. I had one in my old hoop house green house in Wisconsin but that greenhouse was torn apart in a bad storm and the thermometer died with it.

Technically it is certainly 'time' to be putting more plants outside or in the cold frame, even to start more seedlings. When the sun hits me and I'm out there I can feel that familiar southern sunshine heat--the sun is warmer here than in the north--you can feel it. Still... its chilly this morning. Its 32 at the moment and the temp hasn't budged a bit in hours. That's not that cold... but dare I truly leave my babies out all night even with a cover? Maybe just the lettuce...and the scallions, and parsley perhaps?

I need more room on the light stand! It is almost time to start the warm season plants, and the cool season stuff is still here. I do still have the bottom shelf --but I never put a light fixture on that--maybe I ought to.

Patience. Patience is always hardest at certain times, when one is 7 months pregnant, when waiting for some important good news, and always at the tail end of winter--no matter where you live-- north or south-- its never too early for spring.


  1. Your last statement is so true Mary! Everyone is ready for spring!!! It is cold here tonight also. I just want a 70-72 temp year round...what would be so wrong with that??? LOL!

  2. OK...I could go to 80 (low humidity) as well...but no higher!!! Ha ha ha!