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Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Rose of Sharon, Irish Eyes and My Little Lentil... Little Late Seedlings

Yesterday when we went to the doctor they were checking to see if there was anything on my daughter's ultrasound. They had told her that based on her blood work she was far enough into her pregnancy that a little heartbeat should be visible. Well.. since they'd only seen an empty yolk sac the first time they tested her a few days ago in ER, they had prepared us to accept the idea that there was a 70% chance she was about to miscarry.

I did some praying of course this week, and although I had no idea which way it would go I knew it was God's 'say' if there would be a child or not and I would be there to help my daughter through it whatever He decided.

It didn't take long to find out. I thought this would be a very long process, things have changed so much since I had my last baby 21 years ago. Within 15 minutes or so they were showing her the screen where here baby's little heart was beating away. A baby they say is the size now of a lentil! Amazing!

I took her and Not-so-plump Ernie out for a celebratory dinner at Applebees and then we parted ways. It was a happy day. The days ahead will be a mix of joy and struggle--such is life.

When I got home I was going about my evening chores and realized I'd forgotten to turn off my lights over my seedlings. On the bottom shelf there are two plastic bins that I have moved all the 'no show' seeds to. These are cups and other containers that I planted with older seeds not knowing if they would take or not. Anything that sprouted got moved up a level or two on the shelves and is growing. Anything that has taken an inordinate time to germinate has been moved to the these two bottom bins. I planned that soon I would dump them and start new seeds in their places. They're mostly going to be compost.

Well on a whim, I decided to peek and see if there'd been any new sprouts in those two bins. I saw a bit of green and pulled out a cup-- Rose of Sharon. I planted several cups of Rose of Sharon from different years that I had saved it. This cup had not sprouted though another one has nearly outgrown my indoor shelves. Rose of Sharon made me smile. It is one of those names for the Lord that show he is precious and to me it also indicates his all sufficiency. If you know this plant, it is a beautiful plant that is easy to grow, tolerates nearly any abuse, can be allowed to grow to a pretty tree, espaliered, grown into a hedge-tall or short and some folks even use them as a sort of ground cover. It blooms all summer long even in our awful heat, attracts humming birds and bees and then produces tons of seeds. Amazingly useful plant. I've put a couple of pictures up on this post of Rose of Sharon--but I may take them down--I don't remember where I got them and I know at least one of them is not my own--I may have just saved it to remind that I liked how it looked and wanted to try espaliering Rose of Sharon some day.

Anyhow I found this little tiny very late to sprout Rose of Sharon in one cup and moved it up to the a new bin. When I went back to look and see if there were any more seedlings I found an even smaller sprout in one cup. Everything else around it remained just plain dirt.

I read the cup label and found it is a baby Irish Eyes Rubekia. I bought these pretty seeds back when we first moved to Charlotte and I planted some at our first rental home where I imagine it still grows as the landlord there asked me to leave the garden, he thought it might help attract a new tenant. Anyhow it is like black eyed susan sort of except it has green eyes or centers.

As I read 'Irish Eyes' I thought immediately and in my mind I could see 'not-so-plump Ernie's laughing eyes beneath his red hair as he celebrated with my daughter that their little babe is indeed coming along just fine.

All along I've known this guy is 'the one' for Daughter. I've known him now for sometime and found him to be intelligent and have a good sense of humor. He's also kind natured and gentle, understanding, tolerant--he'll eat anything and has no problem with Daughter's quick changing moods and difficult days. He's been just the picture of loving toward her from the day they met.

I just felt it was a moment of 'reassurance' from the Lord--silly maybe--but just one of those little reflecting moments when impossible things seem more than believable. A blessed little bit of faith rewarded. The Rose of Sharon is here and Irish Eyes and my Lentil is on his or her little way to a pair of folks that I know will treasure their babe no matter how hard things may get.

Life seems to be getting much better for my oldest boy and his wife and little Ruby, I believe it will for these two as well.

We're not alone in this world after all, we have that all sufficient help in the Lord.


  1. I'm glad things are working out for them. I've been pregnant about 9 times (forgotten exactly HOW many times I've been pregnant) and only had 3 kids to show for it. It's sad to lose a pregnancy.

    Hugs to you guys,

  2. Very Sad Darlene. I'm so happy for the three you have! My sis-in-law is now finally expected to carry their 2nd child to term. It will be another girl. :) She has had more than a dozen miscarriages! I think in my daughter's case they really jumped the gun on even doing an ultrasound so early. My friend told me its fear of lawsuits that gets them doing these things. I dunno--but seemed to me that it would have been best if they'd not even brought up such a possibility.