Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Starting the Pea Patch, Picking Paint Colors and Planning a Low Budget Wedding... Just Another Day..

This morning there is a blue jay hanging around beneath the feeder on the hillside. The doves aren't very pleased with him. They seem to be meek and mild birds by reputation but I have seen them chase other birds away now and then. It looks so pretty outside! I can hear the muffled sound of birds singing in the bright sunny morning, but its far too cold to open a window. Currently its 21 degrees here in Pokeberry and I am getting ready to plant peas outside and wondering if this cold will let up soon. We had quite a lot of wind yesterday, it was another pretty sunshiny day and would have been warmer if it weren't for the wind.

I was out running errands all day yesterday, I started with an 8:20 am appointment in Indian Land--a town about 20 minutes away usually. I thought they had begun to take down the old bridges over the Catawba river that I use to get there--so I went the lonnnggggg way and it took me more than twice the time. Then I found out they haven't done it yet! The bridges I need to use are still up for the time being and they've taken down another smaller one that I don't need to use. Well.. at least my ride home would be shorter. I don't know when they will start on the big bridges because I missed the town meeting on that, but perhaps it will be up on a website or something by the time I need to go there again-so I will know. All I know is at some time in the near future they will begin to replace the bridges.

Indian Land is about half way to the library where I used to work and so I had planned to go visit my old co-workers and run errands along the way and back. I went to the Sams' Club near the library and picked up some pork to make sausage out of and a few other things we needed. I also picked up a copy of "The Coupon Mom's Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half by Stephanie Nelson, aka Coupon Mom--it was on sale at Sam's for $8.88. I'll write more about it later. I'm sure it will have something in it that is worth the price. I'm reading it through in the evenings and jotting down anything I learn that I want to try, then I want to give it to my daughter. She has to pinch her pennys til they scream with this new baby on the way. Maybe something in the book will hit her as a good idea to try.

I had a very nice visit with my old co-workers/friends at the library and then went to the little old fashioned hardware store that is nearby. I needed some legume inoculant. I haven't seen it any place I normally shop and I had a hunch they'd have it--they did. Actually I should have asked if they had sausage casings--they just might, I've been trying to find those for about a month now.

Renfrow's Hardware is one of those old time hardware stores that maybe is a little overpriced but where you'll find all that stuff that Lowes and Home Depot don't have, as well as things like live baby chickens and feed and garden seeds and canning supplies, etc.. I love going there whenever I'm near the library. I got my legume inoculant and also some seeds for the garden and a few red and kennebeck seed potatoes. I should have picked up some seed peanunts while I was there. I think I see another trip that way coming soon. Either that or next time I go near my daughter's home I'll stop by at the Farmer's Exchange They are an old time feed store as well. I love those places. You never know what you might find that you've needed forever. That would be a closer place to drive to for me usually.

So I have more seeds. It is time here to be planting herbs and perenials in the house and soon time to plant out the cool season veggies again. Peas and spinach can be seeded outside now. I have a little spinach already started in the house. I want to do the peas possibly this weekend.We're supposed to have snow tomorrow afternoon and I see no point rushing to plant with that in mind--Saturday or Sunday will work fine.
I'll soak them overnight first and then dust them a little bit with the powdery legume inoculant that I bought. It is a sort of rhizomous bacteria that helps legumes 'fix nitrogen' in the soil. I really don't know the science of this terribly well but I will say that it is reccomended that if you have soil where legumes haven't been growing it is a good idea to inoculate the seed or the soil in order that they will grow better. If you have been growing legumes (peas, beans, peanuts) in the area frequently you probably already have this stuff in your soil so you needn't spend the money. It is pricey! I was pretty taken back by the price. Actually I'm often a bit stunned by prices at Renfrow's but then again--they do have everything there--so I'm not complaining--'just saying'.

I bought 1.5 ounces of Guard-n Seed Inoculant. It should be enough to treat 8 pounds of seed. Well-- I doubt I'll plant 8 pounds so I'll have some left. I'll have to think on how I want to deal with that. It was $6.99!! I'm talking about what looks like about 2 tablespoons of very fine dirt or pepper--smells like dirt. Wowsers! Those better be some real fine peas cuz this stuff seems like its close to gold in value.

~~~Had to pause a moment to gaze at a gorgeous bluebird out on the red feeder! I better refill that suet again, the birds have eaten almost all my homemade peanut butter/bacon fat cornmeal and sunflower seed suet from back when we had that ice storm.~~

We've begun to paint the inside walls finally! YEAH! I did the pantry wall in my kitchen first. The rest of the rooms I am still deciding on paint. Lowes has another one of those paint rebates going on the Valspar. Yesterday I picked up 10 gallons of ceiling white. I'm going to use it throughout the house for economy's sake. I'll get back $40 on it. When I got our exterior paint it was during one of those rebate sales too, so we got back nearly $100 on it. The kitchen is 'moontide' green with 'sunhat' yellow for my open shelves, I'm not sure yet about the cupboards themselves--which I'll be painting. I was going to do them in 'seasalt' a pale green, but I'm not sure I like the look of it right now.

There are big splotches of color on various walls throughout the house as I test colors. I have settled on a color for the upstairs hall and laundry room its a reddish color called 'florentine clay'. I like it. The color I tried on the living room and dining room didn't work out. I'll be rethinking it. One wall is shared with the kitchen and will be moontide green, but all the other walls we were thinking something similar to terracotta--what I got looks like a pumpkin or squash-- too bright and too orange. Makes it look like the florida orange juice house next the green. I was thinking more that I wanted something to complement the scenery outdoors in very season. We have lots of trees and some bare clay earth in view, pines and oaks mainly. I buy the little tiny sample cans at Lowes for about $3 and then try the colors near windows. This way I will know what it looks like before I spend on a gallon. It takes about 1/4 of one of those cans to really get an idea I think, that leaves me 3/4 of a can to use on some other project. :) I also like to look at the 'mistakes' clearance section at Lowe's paint department when I'm there. As an artsy type I can always find use for discounted paint.

Well all that aside, I don't have too much to do. LOL..
I'm trying to find an inexpensive meeting or banquet room to do a wedding with about 20 guests. Our big outside wedding in the fall for Daughter and not-so-plump Ernie is going to be moved indoors, up on the calendar, and down in price. Since we want to get it done before her pretty dress is too tight we're hoping for sometime near the end of March. My Mom in Law and I have been calling around to check on possible locations. I found out that in South Carolina you can hire a Notary Public to perform a wedding. Since we're not affiliated with a church that seems the way to go. They are very inexpensive and some are 'mobile' and will come to your event.

I suppose its no wonder I haven't gotten very far on the Etsy shop. I'm just always hopping about doing other things. Funny, by the end of the day I am so tired and still thinking of things I haven't finished yet--even when I know my 'I did' list is a respectable size, it seems like the 'To Do' list won't be reduced.

Well off I go, half a day's gone by since I began this post. I've written it in little increments which seems to be the way lately. Nice thing about computers is you can save your work and pick it up again, just like knitting.


  1. Well, hideeho, Mary! Lovely post about what is going on! All your plans and doings sound great! I know all your friends were happy to see you at your old library!!! My family in Texas and Louisiana are covered in snow! What an ordeal!!! Good luck with your plantings!!! See ya round...

  2. We are supposed to have snow today ourselves.. later on. But the weekend does look warmer--though snow again maybe monday. Crazy nuts!