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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bird House Hanging Day...

Well there are 5 bird houses sitting on a bench waiting to be rehung. There are just tons of birdys out in Pokeberry this morning calling, chirping, singing, warbling and doing all that spring 'twitter-pated' stuff. The blue birds have been here and are gorgeous! The finches are turning yellow, its definitely mating season in Pokeberry.

I put some fresh peanut butter/bacon grease suet out this morning. Again it didn't turn out quite right--this time its too wet! However, like before the birds do not care, they're eating it. I was just down the basement and scrounged up some big screws and Hubby's cordless drill. I've also got some good twine recycled from my pine-straw bales and I'll be goin' out and hanging these babies this morning.

This morning I'm also working on my daughter's wedding arch. I've taken the ribbons and birds off and put aside all the pretty stuff. Right now the process is all about wrapping the arch with moss and green brier and honeysuckle vine, and maybe I'll use some jessamine vine as well--if I can find anything with pretty little twinings on it--that would be nice too.

The toughest part of the arch project is up at the top. there is a cross bar I want to drape some pretty nylon mesh on the sides to make it like a romantic enclosure. I got the fabric for 77 cnts a yard on sale, ivory, sage and peach. I had these little drapery rings with aligator clips on them that I found one day at Lowes when I was looking at the clearance mis-tinted paints. Each set of rings was one ring short of a set so they had marked them down by more than half. They looked useful so I picked them up.

Well I unscrewed one end of the cross bar at the top of the arch and put the rings on it, then put the bar back in place. Now I am slowly and tediously 'mounting' the rings in place by wrapping moss around them and securing them in place with wire. They will not show when I'm done--though if they did it wouldn't matter they are the same color. Anyhow they will be used to 'clip' the fabric in place last minute at the park after the pre-decorated and disassembled arch has been put back up. I'm kind of proud of this little idea. I think its a very clever way to do this so that I can still take the arch apart in 3 pieces for storage/transport and I don't have to worry about the fabric at all. Later on I plan to use them and some vines I think to make romantic curtains for my bedroom. I will dismantle the entire arch, re-use all the crafting materials and maybe sell the arch on Craigslist to another bride. #2 Son said I should just use it in my garden, but I have one arch already and I don't think it is sturdy enough for that.

Yesterday I was so pooped! I sat about all day and then went to bed early. Sure enough I'm doing much better this morning. I have to do that sometimes. Last week I had a day like that once too. When I crash, boy-- do I crash! Not a bit of energy.

I'm pushing that Etsy store idea to the 'back burner' well... maybe its not even on the stove right now. ;-) Hopefully later on, but meanwhile I have always MOST enjoyed crafting for my own loved ones more than for selling my work so that's fine. I just won't think about it right now. When my family doesn't need me, I'll pursue that. I still have the space on etsy, just don't have it stocked.

I'm not so sure about the dolls I wanted to make my sister for her b-day either. I do want to finish the set for my Mom in law though--and there's no reason I can't do that pretty quick. Just gotta 'do it'.

The next batch of projects other than the arch, are planning our wedding picnic style meal. We will probably grill at the park. Daugher wants BBQ chicken in the mix someplace. I am going back there Monday or Tuesday to look at the shelter we rented again, I don't think I saw any electric outlets and I want to try one of these pale green sheets out on a picnic table see if they fit--I have another purpose for them if they don't. I just need to know what I'll need to cover the tables and cook.

I'm making all the table decorations, the arch, the cake topper and bouquets and corsages. I LOVE that sort of thing. The theme is woodland wedding, so I'll be able to use many things I have here in Pokeberry, vines, moss, little plants... and the rest is from Hobby Lobby or my craft wardrobe--which has endless 'odd' supplies in it.

The planting is going well here for spring too. I may put a few of the cold frame babies in their permanent pots outside today--gotta check the weather forecast first. If need be I can cover the pots for cold nights, we still are chilly here in the morning.

Hubby is hoping to come home tomorrow as early as he can get a flight. I would like to get the house all tidy before that..but I think to be honest--he won't mind if I don't . The laundry is caught up and things are 'straight'. We got the things he wanted done in the yard and 'then some' to surprise him. Its all good. He's just going to be so glad to be home.

I do sit down by the way. I always work on things in snatches and whenever I feel tired I sit a while. That is why I always have my work area/computer table near the kitchen and a window overlooking a bird feeder. I want to enjoy a view while I rest and work.

Well, the outside birds seem to have finished a few rounds of breakfasting, I think I'll go hang up a bird house or two. I want to try to get them all on trees that surround the garden and that I can see from my window. :) I don't want to miss any of those fledglings! Have a great Pokeberry Day!

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