Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blue Bird Turf in Pokeberry and a Busy Week Comes to its End..

Well the little blue bird and his wife that have been house hunting here have finally settled on the big blue bird house. They're busy building their nest in there. However-- Mr. Blue Bird doesn't want anyone else nesting nearby. He's been intimidating all lookers at the other two houses that are in trees within sight of his nest. I talked to someone at Wild birds Unlimited about this and she told me they do not want to see other houses near there's. Hubby and I decided the only solution is to move the other two houses a little further away so they won't bother him. I'm going to move one back further and the other one around the side of the house. I'll still be able to see them, but they won't be easily visible from the blue bird house.

I've been watching him and he has chased off any birds that wanted to look at the red or green house. He's chased off finches, phoebes, chickadees, titmice and a cardinal. I didn't know blue birds were that fierce. He'd just perch next to them and stick his head at them in a threatening manner and they'd leave.

I've been concerned about a cat I've seen here lately. I think it knows the blue birds are using that house. I'm hoping Mojo will keep it at bay. We think we know when its in the yard at night because all of a sudden the frogs down by the stream stop singing.

We think there is an owl nesting in Pokeberry woods. :) We've heard it from our bed a few times lately. Been sleeping with the windows open this week.

My little school girl sister dolls are nearly finished for my sister's 50th Birthday. I've also been painting cute signs for my herb beds.

Hubby installed Linux on my laptop because the Vista system it came with was SO AWFUL, I couldn't do anything faster than a snail's pace. This means the past week I've been a little befuddled learning how the new system works and running into odd quirks that need ironing out. I haven't quite figured out how to get my photos correctly for instance. Once I do-- I still haven't figured out how to get them OFF my new camera. Eventually I'm going to use my camera memory--though it should take awhile cuz there's a lot on it. I can't find anyone's email addresses and some odd things are happening here on my blog--which I'm not sure if its blogger or my pc. One thing that happens often is reader's comments disappear--then I have no idea how to find them again. Another thing is a few of the blogs in my Motley Crew Blog List on the sidebar do not show up unless you run the mouse over the the title area. They happen to be the ones I tend to read the most--which I'm thinking has to be connected somehow. Does it not want me to read them?? Is my laptop possessed? Is it the ghost of Microsoft past trying to scare me away from Linux? And why is there not a class action lawsuit I can join about this Vista Operating System? I haven't talked to one person who is satisfied with it.

Ah well... always something eh?

Well its the weekend. Daughter is coming over and she and I are going to take a long drive and go buy some perennials from a Craigslist seller. $2 perennials in gallon pots-- oh yeah baby!

Well, later on I will move those bird houses and give our poor blue bird a break from defending the entire hillside from the song bird hordes.

Have a Pokeberry Weekend!

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  1. Well, ain't that something? Those tough old bluebirds!!! Glad you can move the other houses!

    2 dollar perinneals sound awesome! I need to check out Craigslist in my area!!! I'm embarrased to say I never have!