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Monday, March 15, 2010

Delegating is the Coolest!

I had a great chat with my Mom in Law this morning. Daughter and Mom think I have too much on my plate with the wedding. Daughter suggested simplifying the floral order just a tad-- and Mom in Law wants to take charge of all the cooking with her 'crew' my Brother-in-law and his Partner. Between them they all have WAY more experience than I do with parties and gatherings. At first Mom suggested I give her my recipes and she would do the shopping and cooking.

Well we talked a bit more and she had lots of good ideas so I said, you know what.. why not use your own recipes, you know them well and that will be fine with me. She also wants to make some burlap table runners for the picnic tables, we're using burlap for the bride to walk on to her place beside the groom under our vine and moss covered arch. The tables will be decorated with succulents and pine cones and some sort of hand made twiggy bird nests.

Anyhow... everyone loves the rustic pretty setting--I'm going there today or tomorrow afternoon to check on some details--I'll bring my camera. Its so pretty! And can only be prettier in May, cuz the Carolina's in May are Heaven on Earth.

In fact there is an old saying:
Carolina is Heaven in springtime, Hell in summer and a hospital in winter.

This is because in pioneer days there was alot of malaria and other fevers in such heavily wooded area, and they didn't have swimming pools and AC --which make the Carolinas a heckuva lot better these days.

Anyhow--My 'to do' list is down to really just doing the fun stuff-- making the various decorations and bouquets, boutinieres, corsages, etc..

This means I have time to fit in planting my garden--which goes in just about that time too, and making a little sister doll set for my sister's 50th birthday in April.

Delegation. Pass it on. ( a message from the friends of Pokeberry Mary)

I'm glad, because I woke up tired again today. UGH! Didn't sleep well. I guess Hubby needs to come home. He's delayed in Fargo again. He was a bit cranky about it, until I told him that his Jolokia Ghost Peppers have finally begun to germinate. Now he's excited. What we will do with at least a dozen plants of the hottest pepper on earth--I have no clue--but he must have them. Perhaps he'll save them for times when he sees Minnesota Viking fans? Like when he is in Fargo. The guy just can't get over that Brett Favre thing.

Well old Fargo is poised to have another bad spring flood. Time for Hubby to come home. Besides, its better for Mojo and me, we miss him.

Well.. my load is considerably lighter now, but its still quite a big list of things to do. I'm excited though. Daughter's wedding is going to be lovely.

Have a great Pokeberry week!

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