Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Baby Pea Plant Arrives, Mojo learns to Weed..

Its warmed up some even in the mornings now. It was 45 this morning when I got up. I fed Mojo and the Parrots and then Moj and I went out to the garden to water the plants in the cold frames and peek at my containers to look for signs of life. Above is a photo of the first little bitty green bit of pea plant poking up inside one of my containers. Gosh it took a long time! My pink camellia plant is getting ready to flower too, that's also been slow. The camellia can bloom in January or February but she hates to get frost on her delicate petals so if its cold she will just keep her skirts wrapped tight and refuse to show them.

I've finished my big sister felted Sostern doll and my little sister is coming along nicely. I was just working on her black tights a moment ago. Hubby is still in Fargo.

Had some good news yesterday! #2 son finally got a job!! YEAH! That's 5 down and 1 to go.
Daughter and Fiance are both working, #1 Son and Daughter in law are working and now #2 Son is working. #3 Son is still sending out applications and resumes and waiting. #2 just found a part time weekend job deliverng pizza at night. Can you believe it took weeks to be hired for that job? I mean they do 2nd and 3rd interviews now for pizza delivery! That's how bad the economy is. Well, I know that's not much--be sure you TIP your pizza guy if you order out--they get paid like waiters when they are on the road--below minimum! He is a student and hopefully that will be enough to pay is car payments and insurance and make ends meet for now. He can keep looking for better. There hasn't been much opportunity here that's for sure.

#1 Son has a good job now with great opportunity potential and they have already talked to him about a possible step up, God-willing he'll do well. His dear wife is just working part time in a restaurant so they can share babysitting. Daughter had to pass on a chance to be assistant manager at her store due to just not feeling well with her pregnancy. In any event they are all employed now but #2 Son--so that's another little weight off the Mommy-worry load.

Miss Ruby is learning to kiss and hug. I sent her some pretty dresses the other day and a cute little stuffed chick/ducky bird that makes a noise. Her Mommy tells me she walked around with it giving it kisses and hugs. Awwww... Kids, how 'bout a video for that? How cute!!

Hubby planted his jolokia ghost pepper seeds under light last weekend. I'm watching them for him. I don't know what he'll do with those if they actually grow and set fruit. They are just so ridiculously hot. He loves to make his own hot sauce, but nobody will be able to eat that stuff! Ah well... he's interested in the garden now and that's a good thing.

I'm going to try to make a little soup and some brown rice with my homemade salt free chicken broth today. I'm getting used to this. I can feel the 'little pressure' in my chest frequently, its going to be hard waiting for that stress test, of course if it gets at all worse I'll be running off to the ER and find out what's up earlier. Meanwhile I'm certainly more motivated to obey my diet. I'm thinking maybe I will call the doctor's office and ask if that is really the soonest I can have that test, it just is such a long time to wonder about things. Makes me wonder what happens when we have the government more involved in health care? I mean usually we get pretty prompt attention here, what happens then?

That is a political hot potato I know, but I am very interested in it. Lately I'm hearing how some places are taking more and more control of citizen's diets and habits. North Carolina recently outlawed smoking in all restaurants--not even in the smoking section. There's liberal areas where you can't have certain ingredients in your food. Now New York says they want a law that stops restaurants from cooking with salt.

Well as someone who HAS to watch the sodium, you might think I'd be for that idea. I'm not. In my family there is a strong hereditary tendency to hypertension. However, I still believe each individual is responsible for their own choices in life. If they are not--there is no liberty or freedom. Also, it is not proven that sodium effects most people. I get the feeling that Science has become our Moses these days. The powers that be rely on it to hand down commandments for our good as if they are God. Studies are funded in many ways and used to control things that are not the governments job to control. When did our ancestors EVER expect the government to control our diet or the climate? What strange notions we are accepting these days without even blinking it seems.

Well.. in any case, anxiety or heart? I don't know. Could be both. Today is a stay home day hopefully. I'm going to finish my Sostern Dolls and hope to get them mailed out. Tomorrow I have errands to run and Hubby will be home. ~smile~

The birds are all over the garden this morning and there has been lots of spring chatter out there. Frogs all night long too. I can sleep sometimes with the window open now. Its not a sunny day but its a good day.

Life is good, enjoy your Pokeberry Day and if you think of me, just pray I'll be patient and nothing 'exciting' will happen as I wait. We shall see...

OH-- I just about forgot to tell y'all about Mojo's new trick! He has learned to pull the grass out of my flower beds. Only the grass. :-) He weeded the pansies this morning. I couldn't just post this without that--as soon as I did I looked and there was his picture! It was like he was saying, "Aren't you going to tell what I did?"


  1. Congrats to your son on getting a is amazing that so many interviews are needed for a pizza delivery person!!!

    Mojo i so talented.

    Don't forget to take a picture of both of your dolls together so we can see, before you send off. It sure is a very personalized gift! Love it!

  2. I could use Mojo here with all my weeds. lol
    Congrats for son.
    You sure have your hands full. Worry causes a lot.