Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A New Strawberry Patch, Grass Plugs, and My Bucket Vegetable Garden

Yesterday Mojo 'helped' me begin to move strawberry plants to their new home. I put a sign up for them. I've been enjoying painting signs for some of the things in my garden. I put those little coated wire cages over some of the plants to keep Moj from trampling them. He's a very good cultivator-- unfortunately.

I also began to retrieve the clumps of nice green grass that grew at the bottom of the hill--the ones I seeded in the backyard last year, but which were carried away with the flow when it rained hard. My new strategy is to plug in spots of grass from the hillside and then fill the bare spots around them with seeds and cover it with bits of straw or evergreen boughs until it can root. Most of the plugs I put in last fall have done well, I hope these will too, and that they will provide a shield for the seed I plant too, keep it from washing away.

We've done a great deal to try to slow down the erosion problems and Hubby will do much more soon as we intend to rent a back hoe/digger thing (machine) in a couple weeks we think, to attack it more effectively. In the meantime I have spent $13.00 on some grass seed, and $6.00 on my 'token' piece of sod. The grass clumps that are happily growing away down the hill were paid for last year, and they are MINE! So I will just have to keep going down there and getting them and put them in my backyard where they should have been to begin with.

My bucket veggie garden is coming along. I still have buckets that aren't ready to fill, but the ones I have planted are growing and I have moved them to an area where they will get sunshine and I can tend them as needed. Currently there are onions, potatoes, lettuces, spinach, peas, cabbage, broccoli and bok choy plants in buckets. All cool season plants. The cold frames are stuffed to the gills and my light stand in the house is pretty full as well. When I feel just a little more confidant in the weather much of this congestion will be relieved as more plants are allowed to go it on their own unprotected.

I'm going to plant a screen between the house and the bucket garden so I won't notice how many big black buckets are growing out there. The view from here eventually will just be pretty, a field, bird feeders, natural looking herb and flower and berry beds and our soon to be pond--assuming it holds water. I need to check into what kind of clay we have here--make sure its the sort that will hold water. We're pretty sure it is--if so we may not need to line our pond, or we may be able to do it without the more pricey pond liner materials.

I do have a pretty, mulched island bed across the driveway from the back porch. It is filled with my bargain shrubs and perennials.. many of which will bloom and smell pretty this summer. That's about the extent of my landscaping so far. The front will have our vineyard and not sure what else yet.

I'm a little pooped today. Its one of those days. I haven't gotten the result yet for my echo stress test last week--which makes it more stressy. I think the point of a stress test is probably not to make you feel stress--but so it goes. LOL.. I figured if something were terribly or urgently wrong I'd have heard early. Since I haven't, I'll probably hear tomorrow as Wednesday is when my Doctor is in the office I see her at. She splits her time between two towns, so I usually see her either on Wednesdays or Fridays. That's how it is in rural areas. I could call her other office but most likely my info is at the one I go to so that would not be helpful.

The blue birds apparently have some excitement in their nest box. There's been some unusual activity there this morning. I believe that the Missus has produced an egg or two. They haven't been working on the nest long enough to have hatched anything, so that's what I am guessing. They are very secretive about this nesting business. You almost wouldn't know they are here if you didn't watch very carefully.

The gold finch males are now yellow instead of winter gray. The juncos seem to have left, so I guess its time to put up the hummingbird feeder. Its so chilly still, at least it feels chilly to me. I wonder if the little hummers will actually come so early, but I guess I will put my feeder out. Just one this year--maybe more later. I've downsized some in the bird department. Feed is getting crazy expensive and my old feeders and houses needing either culling or repairing so I decided for now to stick with my 3 best houses, my newest party feeder and the only humming bird feeder that is still use able. Perhaps I'll add on later--but no hurry. This is enough to feed plenty of birds here in Pokeberry.

Besides, there's so much else to do! Like my daughter's upcoming wedding, and getting that garden all in, and revamping my cost cutting efforts in various areas.

Speaking of 'efforts'...I stopped in at the grocery store yesterday without having any coupons or checking sales--I was just going to grab some shampoo and razors, since my stash is pretty low right now.

Well good grief--just those two items could have cost me $15.00 if I'd gone ahead, and I'm almost out of hairspray...Sigh.. I was getting this crazy idea I could stop my couponing if I had a big enough garden. Nope.

This morning I was cleaning out my old metal file cabinet so I grabbed hanging file folders and found an old plastic file crate and cleaned it up, and put some duct tape on the bottom where there was a little crack. I have now moved my coupons to a hanging file system instead of the manila file folders that kept falling into the old milk crate they were in and annoying me. Now they are easy to access.

I use a file system for coupon inserts because then I don't have to cut any coupons until I use them. I think I may write a post on my couponing again some time soon, its been awhile and I've changed some of what I do. Meanwhile I still have links to things I've written on that in the past, and to good websites on my sidebar.

These days it is a JOB to shop. You really cannot afford to do it without some good tools. Or at least I can't. Imagine if I spent nearly $20 and all I got was some razors, shampoo and hairspray! Good heavens! You betcha those coupons matter, especially if you have a grocery store that will double or triple coupon values, and you match the coupons with the right sale. That same little pile of stuff could end up costing only $5 or $6.

If that takes me an hour to plan my shopping--I could be making as much as $30 an hour during that time. Something to consider eh?

Well.. I really should be outside digging something up and moving it. Its a lovely blue sky day here South Carolina. I'm a bit chilly, but I think its just me, just need to get the blood flowing eh?

Have a Pokeberry Day!


  1. Everything is lookin good in the garden! Your signs are adorable!!! Let us know how your stress test came out, when you finally hear! It is stresful waiting!!! Hang tight!

  2. We're going to plant some more strawberries this spring. The patch that came with the house was large but not in very good shape. I'm not sure how many plants made it through the early deep freeze.

  3. I planted mine last year. Not all the originals made it this year, but in the sweet spots of the area there are so many new plants that it more than makes up for it. I won't have them all moved by berry time, I probably will end up never getting them all moved. I just want one nicely organized bed to tend properly. The rest were planted over the beginning part of the septic field--Probably this doesn't effect them at all-- they're just a ground cover really- but I don't really want to eat them--even though I'm pretty sure they're fine. I'll leave those for my birds. The family will eat from the new patch and future runners will be staked into pots to either make another bed next year or to sell/trade/give. Its a plan. :)