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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snowy Morning..

Julie asked after my last post--yes I am completely well, hope she is too. :)

We have a few inches of snow this morning. Well La tee dah.. eh?

I was just watching out my window and witnessed Mr. Mojo--who was scolded in the house-- saunter right up to the very pot my baby lettuces are in, look around a bit, and then take his big nudgey nose and give it a few good stirs. I ran to a window in the kitchen, rapped on it and then lifted it to holler at him. I KNOW he does these things on purpose! He's so naughty. He wants me to come out and play in the snow and I am just not in the mood. Besides I've been making repairs on Hubby's Fargo coat, he has to go there next week and he's got his multi-layered pockets all torn out.

Anyhow, Mojo is very curious about my decorating. Now that I have painted walls I've been prettying up the living room. I've been putting little gardeny things and plants in there, my fairy in a pot, a bird, birdhouses...that sort of thing. Mojo wants to dig in dirt if I do, and he loves to chew as well as dig and thinks I have put toys in the pots and won't let him have them. One morning I scolded him over a flower pot I didn't want him touching--well he went outside and found a pot in the garden and brought it well chewed to the door. I don't think he does this with evil intent--I think to him its all play. I play with pots--he wants to play with pots as well. He loves to bring his toys to me to share with him. (yuk) so why don't I share MY toys?

I'm a bad puppy I'm afraid. I do NOT want to share my toys with Moj.

Well I wanted again to take a photo of the snow in the woods and it is breathtakingly pretty--but of course-- again-- my camera batteries are dead! I'm charging them right now. Perhaps they will be ready before the snow melts, but I wouldn't count on it, it melts usually from the trees fairly quickly here. Our snowy views are always very temporary.

Well now there is Mojo outside running all over the place with my watering can... Sigh.. What's a Garden Pup's Mum to do??

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  1. Oh, glad you are doing well now Mary (no mose sickness)!!! Yeah!

    I am still dealing with some sinus and lung congestion...I need a new upper half of my body I suppose!!! LOL!

    Mojo is a little playing sugar doggie! Doozey is wrapped around my neck sleeping as I type! It is a little chilly and windy here...high about 68 today. No snow, thank God!!!