Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring in the House at Least..

Well, its snowing! My gosh, this whole Global Warming thing is just not working for me!

Anyhow I brought some garden inside. My pretty birdbath has gotten cracked in the middle and won't hold water anymore so I had one of my boys haul it in last night and I filled it with succulents and moss and pretty rocks. Its a little garden 'fix' until it warms up better. I also have a couple of orchids blooming, and my poinsettia from Christmas is still pretty. This will all have to do.

I put some of the baby lettuce out in a container yesterday to grow--hopefully. The rest is still in the cold frame. I thought I'd see how this batch does before I plant any other cold season things directly outside.

I've been making a couple of new containers daily. I take the big 6 gallon buckets I got on Craigslist for 50 cents ea. and I give them a quick hand sanding, then go over them with some spray on shellac. After they are dry--about 30 minutes later--I paint them with black exterior latex. Now they look like my big nursery pots. I'm using these for the main part of my garden this year. I simply have given up on the 'durt' here. I can't get a shovel in deep enough to even turn it with all the roots and rocks and clay. We decided to go with a combination of raised beds and containers. Containers are easiest for me to deal with so mostly those.

I'd love to get more in the ground but I can't trust this weather, at least I have the indoor garden to look at while I sit here bundled up looking at the gloomy skies outside.

Tomorrow is supposed to be warm and sunny, so far though the predictions haven't been very good, its almost always a little colder than expected. I'd like to get Mr. Gore and ask him to turn up the heat a little, cuz this is nuts!


  1. Yes, this weather is strange. There you are too cold and here we are too warm!

  2. Mary...don't forget it is only early March!!! It's supposed to be cold!!! LOLOL! Anyway...I hope your snow will stop soon, anyway! It's too bad about how hard your soil is there! I am concerned now with using my tires to vegetable I may need to build some raised beds from untreated lumber. I also like the idea of the straw bales. Have you seen that??? If not...there is a blog I can show you this technique at. Quite pretty and it is raised gardening...but I find it to be expensive here. If you had a straw bale person in your area it may be a lot cheaper.
    You know I LOVE your little succulent garden!!! It is helpful to have your indoor pretties right now, for sure!
    Happy Wednesday! BTW...are you all completely well now after your ear infections and cold??? I hope so!!! Take care...