Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Monday, March 22, 2010

Strawberries over the Septic Field...

Last year I didn't know exactly where our septic field was. The former owner of our place gave us a sort of bum steer on that info. We had a guy come out and pump the tank and he told us where it almost had to be. I then dug into our paperwork and sure enough he was correct. Meantime, I had started the garden atop the septic field. Well-- that's fine, the peppers grew fine and we won't plant those there this year, but I do have a little problem. I put my 50 strawberry plants over the septic field and apparently they really like it there. Yup, they've multiplied and put down some very nice long hefty roots. What's not to like in that location eh?

Well.. I'm thinking.. realistically this probably isn't a problem, but I just don't want to eat berries grown in that location. Call me finicky.

I started to move a few this morning when Moj and I were out inspecting the garden. I began to put them in a big bed on top of the hill where I had planted some potatoes and other things last year. I only moved 3 plants so far--I plan to get out there and do more later this morning. I'd like them all moved before they flower. Anyhow what's funny is, last year I didn't seem to get much for the potatoes I put in that bed, but when I went to plant the strawberries I pulled up two beautiful little red potatoes! I'll be gettin' the pitchfork and doing some more exploring in that spot before I dig up any more berry plants. I may have enough little red tates for dinner. There's some fresh parsley there too-- what a great little combo. ~smile~

We had a lovely Saturday but Sunday was kind of yucky. It was cooler than it should have been and windy and rainy. Good for the newly planted stuff however, just not so good for me.

I've been busy on my pc. Hubby installed Linux on it because I had Vista--and honestly I think everyone who has that should join in a class action suit against Microsoft because it is awful!! Soooooo Slooowwwwww.

Linux is much better but its almost impossible for me to get vista to open now and I have all my stuff over there! Sigh.. its always something.

Another thing keeping me busy is my new diet. The doctor mailed it to me. I'm eating better health wise than I ever have, but my pressure seems to be just getting higher. Now I'm on a diet with even less fat and I'm still getting used to the sodium thing. I was so disappointed to find out that Mrs. Dash has potassium in it--so I can't just shovel it on my food as if it was a free holiday of flavor. A bit frustrating.

We have a young house guest again, from Wisconsin. I love seeing the 'kids' when they come. (they're all adults, but I remember when.)

Not much action at the bird houses yet, but I guess they've only been on the market 2 days, I shouldn't expect much yet. I do have high hopes. I did see a bluebird yesterday that I think may have been checking out my nice bb house on the stump from across the field. Perhaps he'll decide to bring the wife and give it a walk through?

We shall see...


  1. Your gardening is going to be so wonderful this season, Mary. It has to be so exciting to have all that wonderful space to plant in.

  2. Pretty cool potato find, Mary!

    I actually cut up (quartered) red potatos and put them in the dry crock pot and put on top 6 skinless, boneless chicken thighs...seasoned with Herbs de Provence...and drizzled only a small bit of olive oil over it, so it would have a slight bit of moisture...cooked for 6 hours and it was delicious! I love cooking stuff in the crock pot dry...mostly just with dry seasonings on it...

    This might be a good way to cook for your BP also.

    Sorry to hear your BP had gone up. It is dificult even when you are seemingly doing all you can. I hope you can get it down some more. Goodness.

    Take care and good luck with moving all your strawberries!!!