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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wedding Date and Venue Set.. Keepin' Busy, but Tired..

Yesterday things strayed off my original plans. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a plain white wedding arch to decorate for my daughter's wedding. I also found that some lovely ribbon and mesh netting was on sale that I could match her colors with, 77 cents a yard! I got some sphagnum moss as well and a plain two tier curly edge veil to use to create a veil for her.

Daughter had a doctor's appointment so she and Hubby-to-be were off work. They wanted to stop by and show me the latest little ultrasound--which is supposed to show a face looking out and a little hand waving. Since they were both here and had time I took advantage of that rare chance to drag them out to the state park I was thinking of using for the wedding. I have been trying and trying to get them both not working at the same time!

We drove out to the park along with #3 Son and looked at all the reserve-able picnic shelters for family events. We made a choice of our favorite and 2nd choice just in case.

The one we wanted was PERFECT! Daughter was delighted that there were geese on the lawn nearby and it was on a little hill overlooking the lake. We walked down the hill and there were several great spots to hold a little ceremony with the lake and trees and big mossy, lichen covered rocks as a back drop. There was even a spot where a big tree stood behind two huge rocks and it had a heart carved in it! I could picture it as a great place for a some wedding photos!. Daughter loved it and I got online and reserved it for Saturday May 15th.

Our venue will cost $38 with taxes and fees. The only other fee is $2 per adult to enter the state park. I thought I'd see if Not-so-plump Ernie's family might want to chip in for that, for their own guests and we could cover ours. It won't amount to more than $50 most likely.

The wedding will be small and simple and romantic. There's no alcohol, which is fine. I figure if anyone wants to, after the event they can come out to our place and sit around the fire pit that evening and visit. Most likely the groom's family will opt to go home as they live a couple hours away and the wedding is going to be about 40 minutes drive from our place the other direction.

The shelter is nice. It has a brick floor, places for grilling if you like, lots of sturdy picnic tables which I will cover I think with some $2 Ikaea twin size sheets in a pale green, and decorate with bows. I've begun to stock up on the paper supplies at Sam's club, plates, plastic silverware and cups, napkins will all be plain white or clear.

I'm decorating the arch with green Brier and honeysuckle vines from our hillside, I did a little bit last night to see how it would look. My plan is to have it decorated most of the way well in advance and just tuck some fresh or silk flowers in later. We're going to disassemble the arch in 3 pieces and slip it into plastic sheeting and it will then fit in the back our jeep. Since we are going for a woodsy look, the tables will feature little hand woven vine baskets filled with moss and bedding plants, maybe some succulents. Instead of using a white runner for the bride to walk on, we're going to cover the ground with a sheet of burlap-- either brown or sage green. The colors I'm using are Ivory, green and peach, as well as the brownish twiggy vines. This is a frugal wedding, but it can still be a lovely one! I don't think the most pricey venue in the world could out do this simple country park for prettiness.

Now that the venue and date are set in stone, it is much easier to get the rest done.

We had a huge amount of rain last night, all at once with thunder and lightning. Hubby is still off in Fargo and I miss him. Mojo misses him too. He barked at the thunder and had to go outside and inspect it.

Today, so far it seems it may be a lovely day, the sun is coming and going. I overslept, and for some reason just feel as if I could use a nap. I think I may just need to do that, maybe take it easy today and not try to get much done. Maybe after a little more shut eye I'll feel differently. It seems like a good day to work outside, wish my energy level were more in sinc with the weather!

Well, I took a picture of the 'start' of our wedding arch. It obviously has a way to go. I need to cut more vines and I'll do that later on. I picked up a plain cheap curling iron while I was out as well.. I'm going to see if I can use it to 'iron' felted wool creations. I also found some dried floral Preservative spray that says it can be used on fabric--I wonder if it might be useful for my felted things too--to keep the fuzz level down. It was an older can and the cap was cracked so it was $2 off the price of all the newer bottles. Seems to be just as full. Why should I care if the outer cap is cracked? It will be hidden away in my wardrobe of art supplies anyhow nobody will see. ;-)

Well, its another one of those odd mornings that just call for coffee and a nap. Go figure. Have a Great Pokeberry Weekend!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful plan! So glad you found a frugal wedding site.

  2. Is it possible that you could just plain be wearing yourself out, Mary??? never seem to sit down!!! Your arch is lovely already and the plans sound devine! I agree that the natural park setting is worth it's weight in gold...couldn't do any better than that EVER!!!

  3. LOL.. Julie.. well I sat yesterday, most of the day and went to bed right after dinner. I'm up and at it this morning though. I'm working on the arch and just shot out emails to DD and MIL re: wedding plans. I guess Etsy is going to be pushed to way back on the burner.. the wedding is going to make me busy. I'm doing all the decorations, bouquets and a cake topper. :-) Much of that is sit-down work though. ;-)

    Hi Meredith! Bet that baby's getting big--haven't been to your blog in ages, are you back writing?