Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Barred Owl Up Close and Personal...

I do not have picture of this, but yesterday I found myself suddenly face to face with one of our owls. I've been hearing at least two of them in the woods quite a bit lately. This one was within a foot or two of my face looking right at me! Mojo was with me and was just as stunned as I was, he wanted to smell but I sort of guided him away, although the owl was not a bit bothered by us as far as I could tell. He or she just sat there and looked me right in the eyes.

They are big. I noticed that first. They have a lot of white in the face area and they are 'fluffy'. It almost looked liked an Ewok or a teddy bear to me.

Anyhow I was impressed and it was a great little treat for me.

George has apparently recovered very nicely from his snake bite. The kids are so relieved. Daughter thinks they can keep him if they can just hang on until their lease is up and they can find a less pricey place. She also just got a nice raise and is going to be made a manager soon and get another one. However, she really doesn't know what the reality will be like when baby comes. There's no way she can know, she'll just have to experience it. Life is different then.

Mrs. Bluebird peeks her head out of the house door quite often now. The Mr. Doesn't seem to come around often enough for her taste. That stay at home Mom thing can get to feel that way. LOL..

I've been using my inhaler more and more this year. I guess its the tree pollen. My doctor wants me to get allergy shots. I've had that suggested before but I recall that at the time the kids were little and there were four of them. I was sort of like Mrs. Bluebird--kind of stuck in the house. We had one car which Hubby took to his job all day and often extra hours too. For me to do that would have entailed corralling all four little ones onto a bus and going across town several times a week. I passed.

In my mind I could hear myself:

"sit down, let go of that, don't touch, sit down, no! don't touch that, shhhh, don't touch, sit down, ... where's your brother?"

Oh yeah... no thanks.

Well things are different now. My kids do it all on their own now, mainly.
I'm also more bothered with asthma symptoms since we moved to what MUST be the greenest state I've ever seen. I wouldn't trade the flowering trees of April for anything, but I would like to be able to breathe a little better. Perhaps I'll do it.

We shall see. In any case it won't help me this spring--but could help next spring.

Well, right now a titmouse is on the feeder, a woodpecker has been here. Mr. Bluebird has visited the box, but isn't there now, he's likely hunting. I can see quite a few little birds as well as our stream which has much more water after the rain this weekend. I can also see my 'to do' list out there.

I'm calling today to finally order gravel for our driveway--which is a THRILL! I'm happily dreaming of how it will look--so much nicer! Also I think it will have to cut down the amount of red clay 'durt' that walks in my back door all day. So exciting!

We may have some company this weekend, but not sure. Mother's Day is 'd-day' for getting my yard and garden stuff done until after the wedding. Our guests for the wedding will arrive that evening and stay until after the 15th sometime. I'll be too busy to mess with planting anything or digging anything. I figure I have one week to do what I can outside and then a couple days to clean like a mad woman inside.

Today I want to take my DR trim mower outside and try to hack away another layer of stuff on the hillside. Every time I do a little bit our yard gets easier to maintain, and nicer looking and less treacherous--the weeds and vines grow up over things like rocks and holes in the ground so if they are trimmed down you can SEE where you are walking. This is really more of a 'man job' but I guess I'm too picky. I can't seem to find a man in the house who does it the way I want it.

The DR trimmer is mine. I got it with a small inheritance from a great-aunt years ago. What gal wouldn't want her own DR Trimmer Mower? Its a great little brush cutter and has big wheels so I can do things with it that I can't do with a regular lawn mower.

Anyhow--I dunno--I probably should let the guys do it--make up my mind to it not being 'my way', but its one of those things I think that would get stuck in my craw. I'd have a hard time letting it go.

Pokeberry Pouter.

Time to go! Have a good day!


  1. Oh I hear ya on doing it your way! You will be upset and sorry if anyone else does it, I assure you! LOL. Been there, done that. They won't have the same vision (the men) and generally won't care to listen long enough to understand (at least around here).

    I have been sick and been having to use my TWO inhalers also...every cold goes to asthma. (This is where I want to use a 4 letter word) is so tiring. A whole lifetime of this crap.

    We can only look on the bright side of the times the asthma doesn't flare up. I hope your inhalers work well for ya. They are God sent, I tell you!

  2. They do, but it doesn't last as long as I like, and I think they are keeping me up at night. Not sure but I'm having a hard time sleeping.

    I used to use advair as well, maybe I should use it again. :( I always get happy when I cut something down RX wise, but seems like it comes back to it.

  3. Mary, your owl encounter was so neat! Another wonderful resident.

    Don't know why but I have not needed an inhaler in well over a year. It is Tramp 1 that is being hit by allergies.

    I am thinking of getting a DR Trimmer to keep the tall grass down on the septic drainfield. Would it be good for that?

  4. I think allergies sometimes come and go, dunno. My daughter had some severe ones that just stopped, then she'd have a different one. Weird.
    Dr Trimmer is great for tall grass. We use it for brush and it also has a blade for saplings--but I haven't used that in years.
    As for the Owl--I can't help thinking about that. He was not at all bothered by me. That was so interesting. I felt like I was being checked out just as he/she was.