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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Buying Plants on Craigslist

I've gotten some deals on Craigslist lately. A while back I got several large clumps of varigated vinca with ivy in it for just a couple bucks from the guy who sold me my bamboo plants. This will quickly become a wonderful ground cover for me. The bamboo was in 50 gallon pots and is going to provide a nice swaying in the wind screen near our porch, our stream and our pool. I got those for $5 or $10. All these plants are far more pricey in stores.

This week I answered an ad and spent $30 and got several hostas, varigated solomon seal, english primrose, cast iron plant, ginger lily and my favorite -- at $2 per pot-- Lenten Roses! I had just seen Lenten Roses (hellebores) at Lowes for $9.99 and at another nursery for $22! Can't tell you how happy I am with this purchase.

I do follow my usual procedure for answering an ad on Craigslist. I take someone with me. These days my someone is Mojo who is I think about 85 pounds of German Shepherd now. He loves to 'go for ride' with me and sits very nice in the car while I pick up what I came for. If I needed him to be tough looking or acting he is capable but he mainly is friendly. I feel safer with him.

I also make sure that someone at home knows where I am going and what for and all the addresses, phone numbers, emails and names that were involved in my purchase. I avoid areas I know are 'iffy'. I take along my cell phone as well.

When someone is coming to my house to buy something from Craigslist I always make sure Hubby is at home. Those are the 'rules'. Things like Craigslist and Freecycle can be awesome for frugal folks--you can get and give great deals but you always need to take care. I also never put my address or phone number in a Craigslist ad, I always wait until I have felt the person out, before I give them my phone number and I wait to share the address until it is almost time for them to come--so they can't just drop by unexpected. Also good tips.

I like to hear a nice friendly voice on the phone before my address gets out.

There's no 100% perfect safety measure but there's a lot of ways to make things less attractive to bad people. I know if I was a nasty person I'd rather tackle someone who doesn't have a large dog or husband nearby.

Anyhow my garden is just doing so well with bargain plants. Plants from friends, from clearance sales and from online sellers in our area. I'm pleased with my deals and I hope in the future I'll be selling some of my own bounty. We shall see..


  1. Great tips, Mary. I have some plants from family that I need to get potted up. It is much less painful if the deer or rabbits eat something that was free! There is wooly thyme, ajuga, crocosmia, daffodil bulbs and many varieties of sedum. Next I hope to get my brother to share some Oregon grape plants.

  2. You got some great deeals, Mary!!! Congrats! I can't believe you are eating from your garden already... so much!!! Good work, girl!!!