Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Monday, April 12, 2010

Dogs in The Garden, My Best Friend?

Fencing all my garden areas is not in our budget, even if it were, I don't think I'd enjoy the view of our woodland hill here with fencing all over the place. Mojo, is my friend. I like him near me when I'm outside. I've always felt the company of a dog when you are working outside is for the most part a pleasure. Mojo is like velcro. He sticks close by all the time and wants to be where I am, unfortunately he also often likes to do what I am doing.

Yesterday Hubby and I sat down for a little while after doing some work in the yard. We sat in a little shady area where I have a couple of chairs and have been making some shade beds. They contain lots of small perennials that haven't completely grown up yet, which are beginning to pop above the ground now. Hostas in particular as well as some delicate woodland herbs. Of course all Mojo could see is a lovely soft moist shaded bed near his master and mistress's feet. Down he plopped in the middle of my babies!

I have been trying to discourage Moj from walking, running, short-cutting, lying, digging and peeing in the garden beds. Its a non-stop chore. As you can see Mojo is everywhere. Above is a picture of him standing by some of my bedding plants that are getting used to the outdoors on our back porch.

One way I have found that does limit some of the places he can waltz through is to put lots of containers in the beds between plantings, also rocks, bricks, stakes, and shepherd hooks holding things like wind chimes or my humming bird feeder. They aren't 100% perfect, but it all helps.

I potted up some of my most delicate baby plants and am not going to put them in the ground until they can fend for themselves better. This means more watering in summer, but I like to walk through the yard and water early in the day anyhow when summer comes. It helps me keep up with all that happens and I get to hear the birds singing and Mojo always comes along. I mulch my pots as well as my beds to try to keep moisture in them as much as possible. I like that I can also move pots to more shade when needed. The summer sun here is brutal!

While we sat in the shade our first hummingbird of the year came to visit the little sugar water bottle near us! April 11, 2010 first one! A male ruby throat--which is almost always the case.

Been so busy in the yard! Its the time of year when you have that little window to really push to improve gardens before the heat comes. We hope that Hubby can take some vacation days by the end of this week so we can rent a front end loader ( I believe that is the proper name of the thing) to do some needed grading and digging and preparing our land for a gravel delivery, a pond, parking areas, stopping erosion and a place to erect our swimming pool. Ambitious amount of work to get done in about 1 week. If that is done and wood decking is applied to 2 sides of the house and steps to the doors--I will have gravel delivered and we will have done our best to spiff things up before our guests arrive to stay for Daughter's wedding. We also need to empty our shed as my Brother-in-law and his partner intend to create a little home away from home for Hubbby's folks to use when then visit us.

Meanwhile Hubby is cutting out lots of dead trees and I am putting in my garden and trying to get grass going and making the various wedding arrangements and all that.

I am tired at night! It seems to take me a while to sleep though so I am not waking as early as I used to. I'm up now about 7 instead of 5 or 6.

Its a pleasure every morning to see more green! Trees are budding and leafing out all over the hillside and woods and in our yard. More and more of the things I planted last year are popping up or growing bigger. Here and there we discover new flowering things in the woods as well. Yesterday Hubby discovered the prettiest flowering shrub. I was so taken with its delicate beauty that I think I almost MUST dig it up and move it where I can enjoy it in one of my new shade beds. Perhaps there are some smaller ones near it? My twin trunked sapling that I moved last year to our backyard has begun to get leaves. I found it in the woods and had Not-so-Plump Ernie plant it in the back yard for me. Its an American Beech and I think will make a pretty decent shade tree in a spot where one is needed.

Well, this morning I have already begun quite a few things and finished some. Time now for breakfast and to get busy outside. Tonight Daughter and I go to have her wedding dress fitted. I am crossing my fingers that it will be possible to make it work for her, she's putting on a little bit of weight of course. We shall see..

Well, our humming birds have begun to arrive so the warm garden season is beginning for real. ~smile~ With all that needs doing before the wedding--there is of course always still time to garden. :)

I'm also enjoying creating the floral decorations for the event. I'm learning things that I think will come in handy when I am finally able to concentrate on my Etsy Shop. I could make woodland wedding items, or add moss and vines to my wool creatures.. we shall see.

Have a great Pokeberry Week!


  1. I had a problem with my little Angel eating the young seedlings. She thought I had put them there for her! Just gently saying 'no' every time she stepped over the edge finally taught her to stay close to me but out of my beds. Hope it works for you.

  2. Mojo, sadly isn't a 'little angel' he's a big dawg. He doesn't usually get it when you gently say things to him. He does seem intelligent, but even when he gives a look that appears to all the world as if he is seriously studying your face to read your mind--he's thinking something along the lines of 'squirrel'.

  3. You guys are working your butts off!!! I feel for you, but you are sure right about getting as much done as you can before the summer heat!!