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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pokeberry at Night...

Gosh its scandalous around here at night.

OK, maybe not.

Hubby came home to a homemade turkey sub sandwich and chips. After dinner and a little bit of TV I took him out to see his banana tree. It was planted last year and died back in fall, as they do. It was so cold we didn't know if it made it. Yesterday there was no banana tree, today its nearly a foot tall!

After that we walked about the garden a bit and Hubby gathered some dry branches and wood and started a fire while I watered the backyard plantings. We talked about the day.

I had taken a couple of plants that died back to Lowes today and gotten my refunds and bought a pink flowering crab with the money and also a pink and a white heather plant that were clearanced. I plant to try to propagate new heathers by 'dropping' the plants deeply into the ground and covering the stems nearly to the top--this way they hopefully will root by fall and I'll have multiple pink and white heathers to plant out for a season in a protected spot and then use as ground covers on our sunny hillside.

We talked about plans for our kids, and the wedding, we sat watching the fire and the stars up above the oaks in our yard, and talked about felling the oaks and planting shade trees instead--or maybe leaving a spot where we can just watch stars.

It got warm today, it was in the 80s. Hasn't been that warm this spring. We talked about where we are putting the pool this spring, and what we need to do to make it private, where the bamboo I bought will go, and the banana tree. We talked also about the estimates I got for gravel for the driveway and what we expect to need to rent a backhoe/shovel thingy (sorry I don't know the name of that). We want to get our land leveled in the yard and around the house and dig our pond before we start building our decks, which we need just to able to reach our top floor so we can finish our siding. We hope to get the gravel and the land work done before our daughter's wedding May 15.

We chatted about the wedding, and about the fact that we only own 7 mismatched very worn out lawn chairs. I shared what I had found out about prices for new lawn chairs or a picnic table. Hubby is for building a couple of benches and letting it go at that for now. We have some wood we could use. Probably we'll have to do that. It just isn't possible to be always chunking out money for things.

Mojo inspected whatever was going on about us in the dark as we sat by the fire. We heard some owls in the woods near us, more than one. I'm guessing it was owl love again. We've heard that before in the evening, when we lived in Charlotte. Charlotte is a big city but it is a very 'country city' in that there are lots and lots of trees in Charlotte. Its the greenest big city I've ever seen, thus there is more nature there than one would think--certainly many varieties of birds.

The stars were lovely, the fire was nice. One little frog began to sing finally, and then there was a choir of frogs down by the creek. We will sleep tonite and hear them all night, and the neighbor's donkey may holler now and then as well. We may hear owls in the nights or coyotes or hunting dogs.

Tomorrow I will work outside most of the day. There are lots of plants to put out and move and I need to transplant grass plugs and seed around them, and lay out some straw. #3 Son is home tomorrow and will help me. #2 Son works tomorrow, so I won't trouble him. He works nights.

Lots of chores coming up before the wedding. I was thinking maybe I'd call my little friend, since she has lost her job. Maybe she'd like to come help me out now and again--for gas money and plants? Knowing her she'd come for nothing. I just think I could use a partner.

Anyhow the fire is out now, we'll be in bed soon. I just thought I'd write a little about an evening since I wrote about a morning. Life is challenging, but its good.

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  1. The fire, the stars and the talking all sound so nice! It has been warm during the day here too, but down in the 50's at night...which always makes for good fire weather. I love sleeping with the windows open and hearing the bugs and birds mainly. Thanks for the nightime fun!!! I may set up the tent this weekend to play and possibly sleep in with the grands. We shall see.