Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Monday, April 19, 2010

Thyme to Spiff Up The Gardens..

Over the weekend I worked some in my garden. Mainly I was spiffing up pots and other containers with a paint brush. I painted the old mismatched bird bath so that it now looks as if both pieces are meant to be together--but I'm not sure about he color. Maybe its 'too' black? Well.. I can always change it next year.

I chose black for several pots and brown because I already had good outside paint available and I thought they would make the plants inside pop more and also make the garden seem more uniform since I'm using large black containers for my veggie garden and compost bins.

Well here are some photos of the black & brown things and also my new pot of thyme. I used moss from the woods to mulch the thyme. I think I will use it in many of my pots this year. It will keep the ground inside the pots cooler and help them hold water and I like moss. ;)

Thyme is probably more of a full sun herb, but here the full sun is quite powerful and I've not seen thyme overwinter in any of my gardens since we moved here. Rosemary and lavender can do it, chives and parsley can do it... why not my thyme? Well--I decided that perhaps it just has been overpowered by wind and sun so I have put it in a semi-shaded sheltered spot this year as an experiment.

I set up my arch trellis again. I used smaller pots with it since one of my large trough pots was injured in our move. I debated quite a long while about where to put it. I put it in other places and changed my mind. Now it is finally set up on the path that leads from our back porch to the fire pit that future son-in-law made me from some of those concrete blocks. We love to have bonfires here and since we are surrounded by woods, I wanted to make sure our fires were as safe as possible, hence a large concrete ring to keep them in one place. I think it will be nice to have morning glories and moon flowers growing up the trellis this year. It does get shade for about an hour and a half in the afternoon, but I think it will have enough sun the rest of the day to make vines flower. Hope so anyhow. I can't think of any thing prettier than walking through an arch covered in moon vine flowers in the evening and then sitting by an open fire and visiting while listening to a distant whipoorwill calling, perhaps we'll even see a flying squirrel this summer some time?

It seems I've been sort of naturally gardening around possible 'room's. Sitting rooms. Its like I am creating outdoor parlors.

Our yard has evolved three sitting areas so far and I am gardening around all three. We have our burn pit sitting area where we watch fires in the evening sometimes. Our shady little spot behind the 'cabin/shed' where we watch the birds at the feeder and can see my main garden and hope to dig our pond (if Hubby can ever get some vacation days!), we also have a little wood bench made atop some tree stumps down by our stream where Hubby and I can hear the water trickling and see things like the flowering azalea trees, and the ferns, mosses and wood violets along the stream.

Eventually we also hope to do more with the sunny hilltop in front of our house. That is where Hubby wants me to plant a vineyard. I bought some catawba grapes to begin, but I have healed them in, in a large container for now as I am waiting for some grading to be done out front and the front decking to be built. The first grapes I am debating growing up the deck--but if not some other vine will go there. I don't want to plant them in front until he has done the work on the front though as I don't want to have to move them. I am keeping them in a shady spot in a well watered container. They'd like to be home I'm sure, but sometimes we all have to have temporary conditions, I know I've done it myself. The vineyard will be something we'll see from our deck in front of the house--when it is built and from our living room.

My favorite sitting place I think of all is right here at my laptop looking out of the very large windows here at the bird feeder and houses and my hillside.

From here I can watch the birds and they cannot see me! I can see that the little trumpet vine above the green roofed bird house is blooming madly and very pretty! This morning I have been watching a cardinal popping in and out of a shrubby cedar tree growing up against the tree on which the red roofed bird house is attached. No birds are in the little wood house, but I believe the cardinal is nesting in the cedar just beneath it.

Cardinals nest very low, I never have understood that, doesn't seem safe to me, but I am glad the cedar is very dense and his nest is not visible.

The blue birds seem to be happy in their house. When I was showing the trumpet vine to Hubby this weekend, I felt someone was watching me and turned around to see a bit of a shadow in the doorway of the bluebird house. No doubt we were too close and therefore 'suspect' in the female blue bird's mind. Right now Mr. BB is in the box with his wife. He sneaks in now and then during the day, she is almost never seen anymore, I expect once her eggs are hatched we'll see more of her. Stay at home Mom that one.

Well... I have a giant to-do list as usual this week. Sigh... I just want to go play in the garden--and that is part of my 'to dos' but I do need to do other things as well.
For one thing I must finish my floral 'pre-work' on daughter's wedding. I'm a little behind. I need to have done what can be done this week, so all I have to do on the days just before the wedding is the actual bouquet and corsages--the fresh flower work. I'm also decorating the cake with fresh flowers. I'm also making daughter a veil or some sort of hair piece as soon as I know what she wants--which is as soon as SHE knows what she wants. I am also overseeing my son's work on the shed/cabin. They've got it mainly empty now and one son is going to be doing some carpentry and plumbing on it. The other will be taking a load of junk to the landfill and working on trimming grass, weeds and vines on our treacherous hillside. Next week.. IF Hubby can finally get some vacation days we may still be able to get our grading and gravel projects done before the wedding--or perhaps it will have to wait. Sometimes our plans have to be on hold longer than I want them to be. It happens.

Its more fun to watch the birds these days as I see pairs head off toward various locations and I know there are nests hidden all about me, which I have not discovered, but I guess I'd best be going and getting on with my projects. Even if the woodpecker is at the feeder... So bye! Y'all Have a sunny warm Pokeberry April Day!


  1. Your pics are so beautiful, Mary! What a gorgeous place to live...surrounded by woods! It brings back memories of being on my Grandmas farm...sleeping (always) with the windows open and fans on in the summer...hearing the chirping, all the night sounds...having the big bonfires, or smaller ones near the house to roast weenies and marshmallows! I was so fortunate to have that experience as a child...your grown kids and grandchildren will be so fortunate as well. Congratualtions on a blessed living space!!!!!

  2. thanks Julie- BTW-I've tried to comment on your blog several times lately and it hasn't worked. Just wanted to tell ya I really enjoy your posts & pix too. :-)

  3. I am utterly confused. dunno what i've done wrong this time... but now it seems this is the ONLY blog I can post comment on. I also cannot access my google adsense acount info. so what have I set wrong?? dunno. Always something.

  4. Lovely pix. You are creating 'rooms.' I find I do that, too, because different moods require different scents and scenes. This is all understood by our subconscious and we simply do as we are bid. They're going to be beautiful. Enjoy.