Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Monday, April 26, 2010

Treating a Dog with a Copperhead Snake bite

Little George was bitten yesterday by a poisonous snake, probably a copperhead. George is the little lost dog that was found here and that my daughter adopted and took with her when she moved out. Daughter has been trying to find George a new home but to no avail. Apparently many people in our area are finding they cannot afford to care for their dogs and are doing the same thing. The area shelters are full up and will not take new dogs, nobody has responded to several ads placed on George's behalf.

So what happens then? Sunday when the vets are all closed the little guy has poked his snout where he shouldn't have and is suffering for it.

The emergency vet told her that it would be $92 to walk in the door and no telling what the cost would be after that. For Daughter that would mean-- do I pay my rent or do I treat the dog?

Well, that's a dilemma that not a few folks have had to face lately. It is a fact of life that sometimes people simply cannot afford to do what they need to for pets.

George has had his snout well cleaned with peroxide and licked a crushed benadryl mixed with peanut butter. His nose swelling has gone down some and he is a little better, his throat is still swollen, probably glands. He's not interested in food really, but I am taking him some chicken broth that I made this morning.

When the regular priced vets open Daughter can call them and see what else needs to be done, perhaps an antibiotic? 95% of dogs will survive a copperhead bite, 90% will survive the anti-venom--so probably that would not have been given anyhow. Antibiotics are probably still a good idea just because of the bacteria involved in a bite.

I am hoping little George will be OK, but I also know that Daughter really cannot afford him right now, with a baby coming she has all she can handle. I can't take him because Mojo just gets too hard to manage with George here and also we really can't afford two dogs. There really aren't a lot of good options right now for the little guy. It does seem he may make it through this crisis though, so that's good. He was a little lost dog in the woods, petrified of everything, and now he's in a home and loved, which I guess is better than out in the wild hiding under someone's shed like we found him.

On a happier note I have been watching a little more activity than usual at the blue bird house. I wonder if we have a hatchling? I've also seen lots of cardinal activity in the garden.

I'm creating a sign for the cabin/shed that will say "Hillbilly Hilton". Its sort of my Mother's Day gift to my Mom in law who insists she wants to stay in it.

Over the weekend Hubby and I enjoyed walking and looking at all the blackberries blooming and he worked on his little sitting area near the stream. I'm going to plant some things down there and I made the walk a little less steep with my shovel. I also began to 'rescue' some baby dogwood trees from our woods. I am potting them up to grow bigger and we'll use them in the woods and around the yard. If left to their own they would be stunted and scraggly due to the shade in the woods.

I found a large orange gall that came after a heavy rain. It is way up in a cedar tree. I learned that it is a threat to my new crabapple tree as it is a definite sign of cedar rust which infects apples and crabapples. Now I am wondering how to manage it. I suppose I will need to spray my crabapple or risk losing it. Unfortunately most of the sprays will render the little apples inedible--what about the birds? Hopefully I will find one that is not as bad.

Well last I heard about little George he was doing much better at about 3am. I guess I will call Daughter soon and see about him. She should be up and about soon getting ready for work. Always something...


  1. Poor George! It is sad to think that all the shelters are filled up and nobody can take the poor guy! Maybe you could drive him to a shelter in another state? I know we have drop off pens for after hours.....

  2. Well... I guess the kids have tried SC in our area and NC in the Charlotte area.. I don't see us being able to go further right now.However, on the bright side George is feeling much better. He 's eating and drinking like usual too. :)I know they will do their best with him until someone comes along who can take him. Maybe things will improve.

  3. Glad to hear George is feeling better. Someone will come along, I just know it.

  4. Hope so Sharlene. He's a very nice little dog. Not as well trained as he could be, the kids are so busy. But sweet as can be. :( Daughter does want to keep him if she could...but boy I dunno.

  5. What kind of dog is George?

  6. George was a stray we found under our shed. We don't know for sure but think he may be a shepherd/lab mix. He is smallish and sweet, but a bit hyper. Our dog does not behave well around him so we can't have him here.