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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Updated Aldi Price List

Had a long Errand day yesterday. I went for a short doctor's appointment where I found I've lost a little weight and my blood pressure is down to normal person levels! I've been working on cutting sodium so I guess that helped. I think working outside has also helped. My doctor would like to have lunch and see each other's gardens, perhaps in June when I'm not so busy. She gave me her home # so I could call. That just only happens in a small town I'm pretty sure.

At my old library, I visited with my old co-workers--what's left of them--many were fired recently and it looks like at this time, most of the branches are likely to close in July--which means more of them will likely go. I found I forgot to return one book when I got home--so I guess I'll have to go back there again soon, maybe I should just mail it?

I went to the post office but will have to go back today--or send someone. Ruby's package is too big for a flat rate box--which is a shame. They are a good deal when I ship to her--not so much when I ship to anyone closer. I will find my own box, or use paper-which is cheaper.

I stopped at the Aldi in the town the library is and got the bulk of my groceries and a variety of stock up items as well as a plant and some solar yard lights. I've had pretty good luck with Aldi's 'side items' that they change weekly. I have a great enamel clad cast iron dutch oven I bought there, and I've gotten good towels there and I trust the guarantee they have. You can return an item within 90 days and get a full refund, and a replacement (sometimes). Just gotta keep those receipts. The cashier said she was going to buy some of the solar lights too, she'd heard from customers they were good. There's only one item I've bought there I didn't like--the pizza making thing. Unfortunately I was in the middle of working on this house before we moved and didn't keep my receipt. :(

I passed up Aldi's peppers to get mine later at Food Lion--big mistake! FL had them on sale but I had to dig hard to find any that weren't all shriveled. Food Lion is where I stopped after Aldi to get just a short list. I can't get everything at Aldi--but when I'm in the area, I can get most things and I do stock up also on canned goods and pasta there.

I also stopped at a Pita restaurant where my daughter works. Hoped to visit her a minute but they were swamped! I got a small pita and it was great, I was starved as I'd fasted that morning for blood work. I could only eat 1/2 of a small, #2 Son finished if off for me later.

I also ran into the library nearest me and picked up 5 books they had on hold. Two were more low-sodium cooking books. Three were from an author in the 1920s named Julie Peterkin. She was from South Carolina and mainly wrote fiction based on the lives of some of her black neighbors at the time. I wanted to read them because I saw a show on SCETV about her. We got rid of Directv recently--at least until football season--so I've been watching lots of the public tv stuff. Its actually pretty good, as good as the channels we used to pay for. We bought an antenna so we get quite a few channels including two local news and 4 weather channels. I know Hubby will want to watch NFL football though come fall, not sure how he'll work that out with Directv. He doesn't like their service or the prices or the extremely annoying calls if you try to get rid of them. He also feels most of the channels are junk and infomercials. (true--but I kind of miss some of them)

Anyhow below is my updated Aldi price list for those who like to follow it. I know some folks do. I didn't include Sam's Club because my membership expired a month ago and Sam's is so far away. I think I will likely renew before winter--because I could always get some very good deals on things like my allergy meds, nsaids I use for arthritis, cheese, and peanut and olive oils as well as meats, etc.. I do miss it--I just don't want to drive all the way there often and I'm not sure how much I have room to stock up right now--need my freezer space for the garden and wedding and such like. Its a decision on hold. I wish I could just go there twice a year and be done with it--maybe- we shall see...

Aldi Updated April 21, 2010

*I noted changes in prices for items I checked or bought, I didn't check all items)
Aisle 1:
Croutons- .95/6oz (didn't check)
Saltine Crackers-.89/ (didn't check)
Wavy Potato Chips-1.29/11oz (we no longer use, didn't check)
Oyster Crackers.(didn't check)
Pancake syrup-$1.49/24oz (didn't check)
All Purpose Flour- 1.79/5(didn't check)
Sugar 5/ 2.19 (didn't check)
Baking Soda.49/1(didn't check-normal size box)
Peanut butter--Creamy & Crunchy-$1.39/18oz (didn't check)
Sweet Baby Ray BBQ Sauce- (didn't see)
Angel Hair Pasta .59//16oz (didn't check)
Vegetable Oil- $2.39/48oz= .051/oz (didn't check)
Fruit Rounds Cereal $1.79/ 15oz (didn't check)
Honey Crunch 'n Oats 1.89/14.5 oz (new trial for us)
Dry minced onion $1.09/3.75oz (didn't check)
Garlic powder $1.09/5.5 oz (didn't check)
Light Salad Dressing 1.19/ 16 oz
Parmesan 2.49/8 oz

Aisle 2:
Chicken Stuffing Mix-.89/6oz box, =.148/oz (no change)
Instant Mashed Potatoes- 1.19/13 oz (up .20)
Tea Bags-$1.69/100 bags=.016 per cup of tea--(didn't check)
White Vinegar-.79/32 oz=.024/oz (didn't check)
Lemon Juice in bottle-1.89/32 oz (new for us)
Flour tortilla- 10pk/.99 (same)
Corn Tortilla-1.19/36 ct
Spaghetti -1.59/2 (same)
Lasagna Noodles—1.29/ (didn't check)
Egg Noodles--.99/12 oz (same)
Penne Pasta--.99/1#
White rice-- 1.49/3# (current price)
Pepperoni-1.99 for 8 oz - .2487 per oz (didn't check)
Spaghetti Sauce- 1.19/26oz (up .10)
Gourmet Pasta Sauce -1.89/24 oz ('Grandessa' has re-useable canning type jar)
New Orleans Jambalaya rice mix-.99 (trial)

Canned Veggies
Canned Whole Kernel Corn- .55/15.25 (up .06)
Canned Baked Beans-like Bush’s-.59/15oz (same)
Canned Pork N Beans -.49/16oz (new for us)
Canned Kidney Beans- .59/15.5oz= .035/oz (didn't check)
Canned Black Beans -.59/15.5oz (no change)
Canned Spinach-.49/13.5oz= .036/oz (didn't check)
Canned mushrooms-4 oz/.49 =.137/oz (current price)
Canned Stewed Tomato.55/14.5oz(same)
Canned Diced Tomato-.55/14.5oz-(up .06)
Italian Canned Diced Tomato- .49/14.5oz= .033oz (didn't check)
Tomato Sauce--.25/ 8oz= .031/oz (didn't check)
Canned Diced Tomato & Chilis .55/14.5oz(same, far less than 'rotel')
Canned Tomato soup- .49/10.5oz=.047.oz (didn't check)

Aisle 3:
Fab softner liq 2.99 /51oz=.058/oz (didn't check)
Fab softener sheets 2.99 (didn't check)
Zip freezer bags- 1 gal 1.19/30 bags (up .10)
Zip close bags- 2 ga (didn't check)
Saran style wrap- 1.09 per 200ft 1.29 (didn't check ,walmart has big/ generic)
Drawstring trash bags- $6.29/56 bags(up .20)
Bleach- $1.29/96 oz=.215/oz (didn't check)
Cotton Swabs 1.29 for 300
Iuprofen--50ct .99 none in store in 12/08 didn't check)
Acetaminophen-50ct/500mg- 1.99 (didn't' check)
Antacid Tablets—96ct-1.99(didn't check)
Laundry Detergent - 100oz/ 6.99-55 loads (?)= .06/oz (didn't check)
Eco Laundry Detergent 2.49/50oz/32loads (biodegradable compare to Purex)
Toilet Paper- 1ply- 1000sheet ‘ like Scott’ 2.29 for 4 rolls. (down .20)
Paper Towels-- choose a size- 2 rolls- 2.49 (down .40)
Napkins-250ct/1.49 (new for us)
Full Size Clear Plastic Cutlery 2.99/96pc, 32 ea:spoon, fork, knife (new for us)
Plastic Cups- similar to Hefty red/blue party cups--.99/20 cups (didn't check)
Maxi pads—1.79 (didn't check)
36 ct black trash bags-6.29 (didn't check)
Oven Turkey Roasting Bags 2/1.49 (didn't check, may not carry)
3 Blade Razors--2.99 for 4=.74 ea(could not find)
Tooth brushes 4/1.69= (didn't check)
Charcoal—16#/4.99 *new item for us

Fresh Produce:
Potatoes-Russet/white-2.49/10=.249/ (didn't check)
Bell Pepper--1.29/3 =(didn't check)
Celery bunch 1.29--lg bunch (didn't check)
Pepper assortment (didn't check—FL had on sale—but FL's were 'wrinkly' had to hunt hard for some, wished I'd bought Aldis!)
Jalapeno peppers- about a dozen large fresh-$1.29 (didn't check)
Roma tomato 6 large for $1.69 (up .20, less tomatoes but bigger)
Head of lettuce-1.19ea (didn't check—have in garden~smile~)
Tomatoes:4/1.69 (didn't check)
Sweet corn- 4 ears-1.99 (small, I think they were 2.49/4, didn't buy)
Cauliflower Head-1.99 (up .10)
Zuchini- pack of 5 or 6 small, 1.69 (didn't check)
Cuke, -1 /.59 (didn't check)
Baby Carrots .99/ 16 oz

Refrigerated Foods:
Eggs--1.25 doz.(didn't check)
Cottage cheese 1.99/24 oz. (up .10)
Milk 2.59/gal (up .30)
Buttermilk- 2.29/½ gal. Carton (didn't check)
Bacon $1.99/16oz. (same)
Butter 1.99/(same)
Spinach, flat leaf in bag-$1.99/9oz (have in garden, didn't check!)
Cheddar/mozzarella blocks 1.79 for 8 oz (down .30)
Shred mozarella-2.89 (didn't check—we shred our own)
Shred cheddar 2.99-- (poor taste in past, didn't check price.)
Chorizo Sausage 1.99/15oz
Deli Sliced Cheese 1.99/8oz (pepper jack)

Frozen Foods:
New (to me) items: Asian Teriyaki Stir fry w/veggies/noodles- was good-$2.99
Frz Chicken breast-skinless/boneless 3#/5.99 (down .30)
Frz chicken leg quarters (didn't check)
Ground Beef 3 # Chub- 75%-4.99=1.66/
Sausage for breakfast Brown N Serve type
.89/10 links (same price)
Hot Italian Sausages-2.49/5 links (didn't check)
Oj--$1.19/ frozen concentrate makes 2 qts. (same)
Whole Frying Chickens--.79/ (didn't check-small & 'dry' last time)
Popsicles- junior pops w/ sugar-24-split able doubles. 1.99 (didn't check)

Odds & Ends
Solar Garden/Yard Lights -6pk/14.99 (*new for us, cashier heard they are good.)
Nice 4-5” pot of a bright pink dianthus-which is perennial here and good in sun! 4.99—yield is 6 good starts! Hunted through selection for fullest pot.


  1. That Aldi store sounds really great! I like the idea of the side items too!

    What a great relationship to have with your doctor!!!

    Glad your BP was down!!! And a few pounds lost too...YEAH, eh???

    I really hate paying so much for Direct TV with all the CRAP on there. Believe me, you ain't misin much!!! All I watch are the Christian shows and HGTV. Sad...but hubby likes his garbagy man TV shows. This is why I blog...LOL. True.

  2. keep an eye out for Aldi--they're opening stores in Florida now. We missed them when we were in Fargo. I saved tons of $ using that store when my 4 kids were young. Its a small store, no frills, you rent a shopping cart for 25c. Yesterday I earned a quarter cuz someone didn't take theirs from the cart thingy. bonus!
    They stack stuff in boxes on pallets--I mean NO frills. But they have good prices. Sometimes you have to watch the unit size--not every item is a great deal--but most are.

    And its quick to get in and out. They get long lines but the lines move very fast.

  3. Directv-- You know, I miss my cable news--but maybe that's why my pressure went down? LOL..

    I also miss some odd things like Anthony Bourdain--although SCETV has an irreverent travel show host that I've had a few chuckles watching too.

    We're also watching a tv series we'd never seen from the internet--"heroes" Its a graphic novel about people who have special powers and some are good guys, others bad--often you can't tell which is which... always has mind boggling plot turns and ends on a surprising note. I have to say I've gotten a little hooked on that--but in small doses. I think we're on year 3 now.

  4. i noticed this was from 2010. LOL Oh well - I entered your prices into my list anyway. I was searching for an ALDI price list. I'm headed that way today. Ü I have 5 young kids.

    Thanks so much for sharing - I think I'll follow your IOWA HOUSEWIFE friend - I'm an Iowa Housewife myself.