Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Watching the Moon, a Pokeberry Morning is Born

The Moon has been slow to set the past couple mornings. As I've said before, I've never really studied much about the moon, so I don't know why its where it is when it is, or why its as big or as small. I know I could find out, I just am not the kind of person who needs to. I just like to watch it. To me its relaxing and peaceful to observe nature and I enjoy seeing birds nesting and hearing frogs at night and noticing that certain perennials are beginning to pop up or leaf out. I can grow cuttings of lots of things and have learned to do many things that interested me. I'm not into molecular biology, or even very interested in the names of the parts of plants--but I do enjoy untangling a mass of roots and dividing it into several new plants.

My 'style' of thinking and doing is I guess part Realist and part Believer. Thinker--yah--but only to a certain point, Fighter--yah--but only if I think its worth while and likely to make a difference. I can accept a defeat, but use it to find some other road to travel--always believing there's more someplace. More what?

More life I guess. I see what is there, sometimes more clearly than other times.

Right now the sky is lighting up, the sun is going to come up behind me soon, meanwhile there's that moon still moving slowly through the tree tops in front of me. Now it seems to be headed down a bit, or further out and down. I can see the garden now, there's more light.

As always, my land appears and looks like 'potentiality' to me, not finished, not beautiful as I would like it to be 'someday'. A painting in progress. The hillside is still spotty with lots of red clay where there's nothing growing and weeds mainly where there is something. The land is not level so the homemade beds aren't either--which to me means that more natural materials will blend in better--make the garden of rocks and pieces of logs, not straight cut wood from the store. Straight lumber looks terrible on bumpy ground.

Now the moon seems to have stopped. Perhaps it won't go anyplace at all, just become harder to see as the sky gets lighter? A pink tint is beginning to color the wisps of clouds that are out there, I didn't see the clouds before the pink came. Behind me its a yellowy tint--that's where the sun will be. The sun makes things real.

Down the hillside to my left, I see the little stream or creek that is at the bottom of our land. The water is like mud, it is not a clear stream, it never will be. In its way it is attractive, especially if you are near and can hear the water come over the rocks, but its not the sort of pretty you see in magazines. There are birds down there, in the little thicket of vines and bramble between the trees. I can hear some of them calling. The birds aren't at the feeder in the garden yet, they will be.

The moon is actually moving, its gone behind a large branch so it can barely be seen-- it didn't seem to be moving until I looked away and then looked back again--and noticed it had changed.

More birds are calling and singing now, dogs are barking in the distance as well. Lots of dogs, probably a hunting party. I hear groups of dogs in the distance here sometimes, people hunt not too far from here. The neighbor's donkey is also doing his thing, he makes quite a loud sound. I can hear a truck, maybe more than one now. People are going places, work and school.

A couple of birds have come to the tree tops overlooking the garden. The moon is further back now, behind me the sky is yellow. A bird has come to the tree above the red feeder in the garden, and another. Its a pair of cardinals, hard to tell in dim light, as the feeder is red. A chickadee is also feeding now, and a finch. More birds are approaching from the sky, landing in treetops all about me. More calling and tweeting and singing in the woods.

My eyes watch the birds as they come, one, two or three at a time. They stop in one tree then another and get closer. Some are slower to approach the garden than others. Some flutter down from the trees like leaves. The moon is further back still, and just a little further to the west. The sun has not yet passed the hills and trees behind me, but the sky is blue, the pink has become a pale lavender blue ahead of me, behind me the yellow has become a creamy white.

The doves are walking about on the ground beneath the feeder now and there are half a dozen birds at a time perched eating. Some birds perch on the handles of garden tools I left standing upright yesterday when I was working in my beds. The moon is fading, it seems larger and further away, not so defined as before.

A finch is on the thistle sock, its been ignored so long I was going to remove it today, and hang the hummingbird feeder there instead. I'll use a different hook I guess. The moon is losing its brightness.

A large bird flies way overhead, the smaller birds are unconcerned, it must have been a crow or something of that sort. It did not appear like a hawk. The hawks swoop in from some hidden place, they don't fly over. The moon is becoming part of the sky, had I not been watching it, I might not know where it is now. I can see it still, but it is near faded out.

The place behind me where the sun will be is glowing brighter, now I can see the sun's reflection in my window. It is coming up between a tree and a neighboring house across the way on a different hill top. It is not quite clear of things yet, not risen all the way above the hills. The moon seems as if it is behind some of the sky now, it shows a faint shadow over or behind blue sky. A new round of birds has begun to arrive.

There is my wheel barrow still holding some strawberry and day lily plants, beneath a light covering of old leaves. I left it there when I was tiring. They will need to be tucked into beds today. The woodpecker is here, the larger one. He is enjoying the suet on the feeder. Now he is up a tree pecking at dead wood. The moon is in the same place, but even fainter now. The sun is starting to clear the neighbor's roof and will soon be over the tallest tree on that hill.

Mojo is at my feet wrestling with something, most likely something he shouldn't have. Hubby's in his shower, I can hear the water running and I think Mojo is chewing up an empty styrofoam cup. I left a few on the bottom shelf of my plant light stand-- I plant in them. I suppose I should check.

The sun has cleared the hills, the moon, I'm not sure is there, only its whisper.

Its a Pokeberry Morning.

Mojo and I go outside, I sip my coffee and look about. In the morning light I can see a couple of wild trees down the hill are blooming, perhaps they are cherries that strayed? Somewhere down there is a wild azalea, is it blooming yet? Up above there are more buds on trees than there were last night even, more on shrubs. The tall tree in front of the shed has small leaves where there were none. Some of the plants and weeds seem to have grown while I slept. The woods are lighter and hundreds of trees now stand where not too long ago I saw only dark. The moon is gone.

Hubby leaves for work. Mojo and I go in, and I find my broom. There are bits of styrofoam and potting soil under my desk. Mojo has found another cup, I'd best get busy.


  1. Beautiful writing. We've been watching the moon at dawn here too. It is such a glorious time to be out and walking the puppy.

  2. I love morning--obviously. :) I love evening too. They are the times of day when I'm able to just enjoy things most. Glad you enjoyed the writing. I was just in the mood to write something different--a descriptive narrative I think--maybe that's what it was.
    Puppies can't be left out of a walk can they? Even big ones like Mojo, and I'm sure your Luna is just as insistent on being near you.