Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back to Normal.. Relatively Speaking.

Pokeberry is back to normal more or less after our Daughter's wedding Saturday. It took me a couple days to get my bearings back. Last night I visited a local Native Plant Society Meeting and learned about a gorgeous rare flower that grows in a park very near my home. Can't wait to go there and see it. I was sorry to hear the Native Plant group won't be meeting again until September, thought I'd found a new favorite thing, I guess I'll just have to wait a bit.

I started to create a new felted wool person/animal. Its a hairy tailed mole. A mole?? Yah... I dunno why.. I guess I just was in the mood to make a little mole guy. He's turning out cute, I'm working on his details and filling him out a bit. He has some checkered gray wool pants and red suspenders--no shirt. I guess he'll be a Pokeberry Hillbilly Mole. Now I am trying to decide what instrument I want him to play as I've decided he will be another musician. I'm not sure. Harmonica or Flute/pipe seem to come to mind. He's going to need a name too--any suggestions? How about his head? Hat? Elvis Wig? Tennis shoes? Hiking Boots? I'm just thinking and looking for input if anyone has a spark of genius--let me know.

Now that my latest big project is finished I am hoping to concentrate on finally getting my Pokeberry Patch Etsy shop open and stocked. Gosh that was a slow thing coming!

Life is pretty good. We had some needed rain and I think it will clear up now. I still have some spring things to plant but nothing will die if I don't do it today. I'm a little bugged that I didn't pick all my strawberries--unfortunately they were ready and I was too busy. I watched in horror when one of my guests dumped a whole gallon bag of frozen berries on a plate of angel food cake-- oy! "Gladja liked 'em"

George is here while his honeymooning folks are off visiting his family near Greenwood SC. Poor George, he is not going to make it with the baby I'm afraid. I've put an ad on Craigslist for him. He's so eager to please but Daughter just is not finding time to manage his training well enough and Not-so-plump-Ernie is not going to be patient with our friend jumping up on a baby--which he would do.

Anyhow that's just all there is right now. I'm still feeling kinda pooped from all the commotion here. We're generally a quiet little neck of the woods so an event like a wedding was a bit much for me. I'm just glad to be back to normal, watching the birds and bugs and froggies.

We have spotted some tiny frogs by and in our stream. They are so well camoflauged, you have to really look hard to see them. I added a new bird to my list on the sidebar. A little warbler has been here gathering straw from my backyard. I am not 100% sure if he is a Sutton's Warbler or a Yellow Throated Warbler--I do know he is welcome however!

I cannot tell you how nice it is to be able to just SIT! Have a great Pokeberry Day!


  1. Enjoy the rest-
    last week rest was for the girls here, after having several out-o-towner's for the weekend. We love the quiet days after a whirlwind of busyness! Such respite feels so sweet!

    But alas! the garden waits no longer!

  2. So true.. the garden is on hold today only due to rain the past couple days..
    Tomorrow--I NEED to get out there. ;)

  3. Hey Mary, how bout naming the mole Mo? and maybe lil baseball cap on backward and give em a fiddle to play in true hillbillie style? lol He is adorable so far. Keep up the nice work. We have had rain here for over a week and its way to wet to get near the garden. But I still got a lot of things i want to plant in there. So much to do and its getting a lil late for us.
    Have a nice relaxing day.

  4. Funny... Mo came to me too.. as a thought. Then I thought maybe Morris? Moe, mo, Meau... Maurice..

    some high top tennies and a backwards cap.. hmmm.

  5. MOZ! Moz the hairy tailed Mole, playing a big bass fiddle-- bigger than he is maybe...
    hmmmmm--maybe he should get a shirt on so he can be in Jasper's Jazz band.

  6. Time to get some rest if you can!

  7. LOL on your you are really coming up with your character!!!

    Enjoy your rest, know it never lasts long as a Mom and Grandma!!! Hee hee hee!

    I seriously know how much you ARE enjoying it right now NEED it!

    Will keep an eye on the Etsy shop. Maybe one day I will own a Mary original felted character! That would be so great!

  8. I love the felted mole! We have the cutest little felted Christmas mouse that sits in different places over the holidays. Love your crafts and your blog...

  9. Thank you Joycee!
    I love little mouses too. :-)('cept the ones that have crept into Pokeberry House lately.. they're sadly not long for this world.