Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Handmade Wedding Nests, Blue Bird Nest News, Etsy Dreamin' and etc..

Well I've got 30 little nests in various states of readiness for my daughter's woodland wedding. The wedding is in 2 weeks. We aren't likely to have 30 guests, it is not quite certain what number there will be this was thrown together in such a different way. Well, that's what happens when a couple goes to nesting a bit early I guess, messes up the wedding plans a tad, not to mention dress alterations at the last minute.

Speaking of nests, I've been watching a great deal of activity around the blue bird house this morning. Mr & Mrs are busy apparently feeding babes as they have been in and out the little hole in the box quite often today. Mr. has also been doing his macho best to defend the box. It appears some of the larger garden birds have decided it makes a nice perch for them to scan the strawberry patch from.

Hubby and I witnessed Mr. Bluebird come swooping down from the trees to chase away three mockingbirds and a persistent cardinal. None of the bigger birds are really a threat to the babies, they care too large to get into the box through the small door, however Mr. B. will not have them sitting on his house and has been sticking close to ensure they don't get away with it.

Hubby says that's OK, it gives him something to do. "Homeland Security". I think I need to start doing my daily strawberry picking earlier now. There are more ripe berries this morning than there have been and more 'interested parties' of the feathered variety. It is also warming up. Our long cool spring this year is giving way to the heat now. If it weren't for the wedding I think I wouldn't mind this so much, but I've been torn in my commitments lately. What gets the priority? An untimely spring wedding or spring planting? There are quite a few pots sitting in the shade that need to be transplanted to the garden or to larger pots, and my company will be here in just about a week, and I am not finished with all the florals and decorations I am doing. Tsk tsk tsk, I'm sure its my fault, so I must be scolded.

Our gravel arrived yesterday! It is so exciting to see a driveway with actual gravel finally. I'm thinking this has GOT to cut down on my sweeping chores in the house. I also have a nice patch of grass now and in the fall I will expand it further. Soon, the whole backyard will have grass, between the beds. My roses are blooming and are fabulous! I wish I could post more pix, but I know I have to limit blogging time this week and I have forgotten to charge my batteries so my camera is sitting on the microwave next to the battery charger waiting for some power. I didn't even have my back up set charged! Yikes!

The snap peas are blooming now so I know we'll have some delicious peas to eat when my company is here, as well as fresh berries and salad greens and herbs. There are also little blueberries on my bushes so perhaps those will come ripe before the wedding as well.. we shall see...

I've been looking about at Etsy shops a bit this morning as I sip my coffee. I found one that I thought was very cute. A gal who does tiny little animals of felt and other things. Her blog is Moss Mountain I loved the little hedgehog she is selling at her etsy shop. I am itching to do my Etsy shop, Pokeberry Patch. I never got very far at all with it since there have been so many interruptions! However, after the wedding I think I will have several months in which my calendar should allow for me to begin to create and sell. I hope so!

I also am very interested in making some soft toys for my grand-daughter Miss Ruby, and for my future grand--who may be a Jacob or may be a ? Can't wait to find that out.
I had made Ruby a nice little dolly in a bed but unfortunately Mojo thought it was his. It fit very nicely in his puppy mouth, but once it was out, I didn't think it was going to be a good toy for Ruby anymore. Yuk.

I'd love to make Ruby a little set of soft animals toys to play with, maybe from a story. She's still a little young for most of my ideas however, so I guess just a simple doll will be fine, or maybe a kitty. :)

We shall see..

I may or may not blog much in the next couple weeks. I'll be making nests and finishing my arch and creating a banner with burlap letter flags and shopping, and cleaning and all sorts of things besides trying to get the rest of my plants in before they perish.

Have a great Pokeberry Weekend!


  1. OK, Mary...this is it! You are down to the finish line now! Your nests look so adorable...perfectly perfect for the setting...just so sweet! Make sure you have about 3 thousand batteries for the camra ready to go for the wedding and all before and after! Did your BIL finish fixin up the shed for your MIL??? I really want to see how that turned out. It sounds like such a neat project! Well...everything you are doing sounds like neat projects. I don't think I would be able to do it. I would freak out and crumble. You are really amazing!!! Well...if I don't talk you you much till it's all over...good luck and try to have fun. Let everyone else take over the work once the wedding is over...ok??? LOL...yeah right...I know how well that works out!!! Ha!

    Have FUN Mary...will have you in my thoughts and prayers, girl!
    xoxo- Julie

  2. Mary,
    Your little "nests" are simply beautiful! What an inspired artist you are.

    Oh, my, fresh peas in your garden soon... We are just getting ready to plant ours here. It did not freeze last night - at least there was no ice in the bird bath. We are so anxious to start planting!

    Your wedding plans all sound wonderful. You will have such a great time with everyone, too.