Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Intelligence of Web Crawlers... Always a Chuckle.

I posted last night about "Moz" the wool felted Pokeberry Mole, that may or may not play guitar, This morning I came in and found about half a dozen google adsense ads for trapping and removing moles--both the sort that grow on faces and the sort that tunnel about under my garden.

Hubby was just griping this morning about a key word search he had done for information about deck building and how the first links to come up were phony. It seems there are companies that just throw out ads full of key words to try to get web traffic. You go to the website and its got nothing to do with your search.

Anyhow all this is the result of lots of intelligent little web crawler critters. I think I may have to make some of those one of these days. They seem to crawl about and glom onto your words and try to figure out--with no brains whatsoever--what they mean and how they would be relevant to others.

Now I personally have no interest in trapping or exterminating or surgically removing Moz. I have once tried to remove a little mole from a tunnel near the Hillbilly Hilton, mainly because Mojo and George were trying to root him out and I thought he might be better off in my hands than being shared by the boys. I will tell you that moles are very stubborn and much stronger than you would think. I could not get him to let loose of his tunnel and neither could our heroic pups.

Moles are feisty critters! Web Crawlers as well... perhaps they are like Moles? Sort of blindly tunneling through cyber gardens trying to make matches with ads and searches in a somewhat hit or miss manner. I suppose if there are enough of them and they make enough stabs at it, in a persistent manner--they will tend to get it right now and again--maybe even more than not.

Gosh.. what an interesting tunnel I've stumbled into now.


  1. I have a few in my back yard, this year, and it makes for fun walking...NOT! Don't really want to get of them because they do eat the bad grubs just under the surface... just don't want them messing with my business or gardens...Yup, you've found an interesting tunnel...

  2. P'Berry Mary, you make me laugh.

    I currently have a ziplock bag of mole skins in my freezer waiting to be tanned because I have some farm girls wanting to make...whatever, I'm sure I don't know.

    Enjoy your weekend

  3. Eek! varmint skins in the freezer--wow. There's hardly anything on those guys.

    I'll have to pass, I'm having a hard time finding room for anything in my freezer these days. I'm almost thinking maybe my daughter needs a freezer and I need a bigger one.... hmmm... "oh Hubby..."