Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just a Little Pit Stop in Blog Land...

Just checkin' in a bit.

I've got my checklist and I'm belting out pretty stuff for Daughter & Not-So-Plump Ernie's wedding. Our guests arrive Sunday night and the plan is Pizza with all the families on Friday the 14th and The Big Day is the 15th. ~smile~

I'm collecting Mountain Dew & Diet Coke cans to hang off their bumper with a big "just married" sing. I'm in the midst of polishing off 6 painted chicken wire baskets full of flowers for the picnic tables and making a rustic bucket to put some non-alcoholic champagne and glasses and ice in for the Bride & Groom's table. There's no alcohol allowed in the park anyhow but I thought they might enjoy a wee toast.

I finished my little place setting nests with m&ms in them. The big arch just needs some detailing. I've also embroidered flowers, beads and pearls on Daughter's veil. Very Pretty! (comes in handy havin' a Ma who used to work in a needlework shop. ;-) )

Before our guests come Sunday I need to finish all the centerpieces and make a cake topper and some signs. After they come I am making a big banner to drape over the shelter with white burlap flags and I'm making my white burlap runner-- Mom in law is bringing the burlap. She bought it and cut out 6 table runners and has a ton left.. so we're going to make good use of it.

Next week I also have to do the bouquet and the flowers for corsages and etc.. Those get done just a couple days before the wedding.

Between the crafty stuff and the running around to get things, I is gettin' pooped!
My poor garden is used to almost daily attention so it is being naughty and producing more strawberries than I can pick and lots of baby oak trees that I will need to pull out later. Maybe Hubby can help me pick some berries tonight. I'd hate to waste them. I am planning to make some syrup for a nice pancake breakfast when our guests are here. I LOVE strawberry syrup!

Well anyhoo... I don't think I'll post any pics here til after the wedding, too much time involved in that.

Just wanted to say hi and remember what its like to type.

Have a Pokeberry Evening!


  1. Plans all sound perfect! Best wishes for a wonderful wedding! Hope you can get some rest and enjoy once they say "I DO"!!!

    See ya later...
    xoxo- Julie

  2. Dang hunny breath, ya wearing me out. lol enjoy this time, the weeds will still be there when all this happy stuff is over with. And do take care of yourself.

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