Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Moving to the Pokeberry Patch...

I've been busy thinking and letting some ideas form and gel in my mind lately. I had put off opening my Etsy shop until after Daughter's wedding and after most of the garden was planted and our guests had gone. This week the time came to think and pray and talk to Hubby and others and figure out what my next steps would be.

Hubby brought to my attention that he thinks that although I have artistic abilities my stronger suit is writing. He likes the way I can string words into sentences. He's a math man so its foreign to him, like calculus and computer chips are to me.

Anyhoo.... I have decided to plunge into Etsy. My dining room is full of piles of needlework books and such like, that need to be listed. I also have Jasper the Jazz Bear sitting here eyeballing me from under his cool shades and Little Moz the hairy tailed mole is waiting for me to make him a fiddle to play. They want get going to Etsy as well. Besides them I have hand crafted wedding favors that are leftover, and supplies to maybe make more nature crafts, and an itching to craft away this summer and build up a stash of cool stuff before Christmas shopping time.

As part of my plunge, I want to also learn more about my camera and about my pc and its capabilities and about "photo journalism" and "marketing via social networking". Sounds so impressive! You'd hardly know I'm just a stay at home granny with a laptop.

I toyed this week with school again and looked into possibilities and found that most options aren't exactly my cup of tea and the classes that I did find interesting seem to be closing up at the rate dominoes fall-- something's up there--but I digress..

I've begun a new blog--nothing at all on it yet--but wait... I am planning to use it as a marketing tool but also as a creative outlet for me as a writer and as an artist and semi-hillbilly. Its going to be named for my Etsy shop-- Pokeberry Patch. The new blog will be Pokeberry Patch.

What is going to happen is that I am going to 'move' myself to that blog. In the near future this blog will be shuttered up and left mainly empty with a little message directing folks to the other one.

I'm going to look at some of what I wrote in the past and use what is useful for my new purposes on the other blog, probably 're-purpose' old posts into new ones, borrow images, etc. Much of my old stuff will eventually just go away. If you want some info from a past post--now would be the time to go do some hunting and searching and cut & pasting.

In the new blog I plan to chatter as I do here--but probably with a little wiser approach (I hope) --a little less revealing of personal family stuff and probably less too about my health or my political thoughts--which I don't mention much--but sometimes have.

I think it will still be personal, just more professional hopefully. ;-)

I want to feature things I craft for Etsy or for friends and family but I also want to feature other folk's artwork and hopefully have a chance to interview some artists and provide links to some of my favorite artist's blogs and websites.

The kitchen and garden and house will likely still make appearances in the Pokeberry Patch blog as they do here--but marketing will be an objective more than it ever has been here. As I get busier with crafting and posting I may write shorter and more to the point blog posts--I think that's how it will trend.

Its a new project. I don't expect to get rich or anything. I'm thinking what I'd like to do is eventually build up a little business that can possibly replace the income I've lost by no longer working part time in retail or at the library. I want to do creative work and call my own shots and use my own talents--but not for someone else's profit--for mine.

I like the idea that if I work from home I can be here also to babysit Miss Evelyn Louise when she arrives and her Mommy eventually has to go back to work or to work and school as the case may be. My family still needs me even though I'm a Granny now.

Living out here in the woods it is a royal pain to run to a workplace and I think it just makes sense to really give it a try-- see if I can't make something with the gifts God has given me that will at least pay for the groceries and the gas it takes to haul them. If nothing else, well there's always homemade family Christmas gifts.

This is not my first blog. I started blogging when we moved to Charlotte and explored several different paths as I learned and learned and honed my writing a bit and I guess I'm ready to take a new step in a direction that I think many of my life experiences have prepared me uniquely for. I'm excited. I know I'll also be sort of pokey about it--just cuz that's me--I tend to take a little longer to hop to new pages in life than I might have years ago. I think however that I'm ready and the new Pokeberry Adventure will begin soon.

I will keep y'all posted and leave the new door open when this one closes up.

Have a Pokeberry Day!


  1. Go for it! You'll never know what's out there until you try. This phase in your life is almost over and it's time to move into the next one. Just keeps us posted...and come visit when you can.

  2. Oh gosh, Mary...sounds good! I sure wish I had a talent to be able to sell. That would be so fun. I want to try my hand at gelatin printing and see how that goes...maybe someone would like an original gelatin print??? You really never know!

    Well, I am wishing you all the luck/best wishes in the world for your new business ideas! I must say I will miss your long is one of the many awesome things that makes you YOU!!!!!

  3. hunh... Julie--I got the idea of doing etsy from you I think. I'm pretty sure you are talented enough-- gosh--if nothing else you could sell succulents. They ship so easy. But you area always creating something aren't neat you?