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Friday, May 7, 2010

Out Goes the Income... After the Wedding I will...

Hubby brought our bank to my attention yesterday. Ahhh.. yes of course. I'm in the midst of trying to squeeze dimes into quarters all the time and the basic facts of our finances are that I may need to just go get some more dimes!

"After the wedding" is getting to be a theme here, before that it was "after we move" and next it will be "after the baby comes" or something like that.

There's always a next expense it seems standing in the way of our goals. This week its our jeep. Even though lots of tuning and fixing was done a week ago we know its that time for the old jeepster-- time to get something different. :( We've more than got our dime's worth out of it and yesterday I was duct taping part of the bumper in place and I knew, its true. We're going to need a new vehicle before we do another major bit of work on the house. This trying to live without credit or borrowing is not so easy.

Hubby says that besides the extra expenses of the wedding and the on-going work on our home, we are also missing my old income--which used to cover all the groceries and my gas.

Well, I know its that way. Income and Outgo. the facts of life. What I have a hard time figuring out often is "how?" when I plop into bed really tired every night, how do I fit more work into 24 hour day without leaning on pricey quick fix habits?

Well I dunno. Anyhow that's on the mind this morning. That and the fact that there is only one week now until the wedding. YIKES!

I guess I could have told the kids to just elope---this is my only daughter though, and I wanted to celebrate in a special way. You gotta give it a shot sometimes. I know most of the expenses I've had lately were things that cost more than I had hoped they would. I am going to try to sell some of what we're using for the wedding afterwards--put it up on Craigslist. That would help. I enjoyed all the crafting--except for the part about having a deadline and not getting my housework done very well lately--with company coming Sunday.

A mortal woman am I after all--subject to all those mortal things and having to pay for them. Guess I'd best figure out how to do better... after the wedding.


  1. I, too am looking for work again! I suppose it will have to be working as a nurse, which is mixed feelings on my part. On your feet, long hours, etc....but will appreciate being in that professional arena again...thinking, doing, etc. It seems near imposible to live on one salary these days no matter how we try and squeeze it.

  2. It's always something, isn't it!'ve got so much to do and trying to get every ridge off a dime. You'll make it, but I hope you take time off for yourself, too, so you don't totally wear yourself out...come visit when you can.

  3. Hmmmm... dream job??
    Boy- I was looking at retail again--picked up an app when I was out shopping. Truth be told though--I just don't think I have the stamina for it. Not that I'm not working hard here--but I CAN sit down when I feel the need. I also looked at taking floral design classes-- found out they've been cancelled. :( I could sure enjoy doing that--I have loved working on the florals for the wedding. And how do I work and baby sit future grandbaby? I know the kids can't afford to pay someone--nor would I want them to. Maybe after the wedding things won't be as spendy round here? We shall see.

  4. We've been bleeding money here too. It'll have to change this summer, as we are both teachers and have no outside income in the summer. Our only income will be what we make selling at the farmer's market. Scary!

    But I believe we are all being taken care of. It will work out.