Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Raining at the Hilton

Remember the old shed/cabin? When my husband's family was here for the wedding they upgraded it a bit. It now has 2 rooms and an enclosed toilet with sink and shelf. They actually did sleep it in a couple of nights before the week was over. It boasts a dorm size fridge, coffee pot, air conditioner, heater and ceiling fan as well.

The photo above shows the sign I made for Mother's Day for my Mom in Law--she loved it. It says it all--"Hillbilly Hilton". Mom has already begun to decorate. She brought along a giant wood flying Elvis bust for the wall and hung up a couple of John Deere Tractor and farm scene puzzles opposite it. It promises to be one really strange little space. Perfect for someone who refers to herself as "Spacey Gramma" and "GG" (great gramma)

I took the photo a few minutes ago when it was raining heavily. The hillsides and woods looked like a tropical rain forest here. The stream down hill is running wild over the little dam Hubby built in it. This is all well and good however-- this is the three day weekend we scheduled to begin work on another section of decking for the house. We intend to have a deck wrap around the house with a roof over it. The backyard section is done and I was standing on it when I snapped that shot. The purpose of all the decking is to make the house look like something other than a large box-like barn and also to enable us to easily access the top floor so we can work on things like the upper floor siding in the front of the house, soffits and anything we ever need to do on the roof. Without a deck in front the top floor is well over 30 feet off the ground in the front of the house. The other three sides are either built into the hillside or at least partly into it. We need to do soffits all around the house still and we need to do the top floor siding in front and part of one side. Everything that we could safely reach is done. We decided that rather than have to rent a lift bucket truck every time we needed to work on the house we should build something make it more easy to access.

Anyhow this weekend is supposed to be a chance to make progress on that and our #3 Son--who does much of the carpentry here-- has injured his foot, Hubby's knee is acting up and then there's this on and off deluge going on. Will we be deterred??

Dunno... we shall see...

Have a wonderful Pokeberry Memorial Weekend!


  1. Okay. I'm moving in and you can send your handy-dandy menfolk to my place to get me a finished deck -- that is, when his knee is better. What a lovely little retreat...come visit when you can...

  2. I love the Hillbillie Hilton, so cute and so nice for guest to have their own space without invading your and still be close without the great expense of a hotel. Good idea.

  3. I LOVE THE HILLBILLY HILTON! sorry, i am typing with one hand. the rain sure was coming down. i hope you can still accomplish your work goals, but not to strain anyone beyond what they need. i, to, would love to have your workteam at my place and make me up a wonderful backyard and iiving area with full kitchen and grill. could you get them to come, do ya think??? lol. just kidding...but fun to dream of this stuff. best chance is for me to win the hgtv dream house!!! lol.
    have a great weekend, mary!!!

  4. I be thunkin' I needs me a bit o' dat dar hotel yous be spekin' of.

  5. What a great place you have created! You have gone through so many changes in the past few years and it is wonderful that you have found your place - your home to enjoy - and your dear guest quarters, too!